JR Lee

Hazel Lewis

Nicole Orr

Laura Dykes

Thomas Hams

David McGill

Howard Hughes

Sonia Eaddy

Patty Hogan

Scott Kashnow

Bif Browning

Paulette Carroll

Roger Wood

Committee Elections

Thomas nominated JR. There were no other nominations. JR accepted the nomination and thanked the Committee for their support. JR believes that little things mean a lot–loading dumpsters, making sure that trash and alleys are clean, making sure that seniors and kids are safe. Appreciates the Committee for the work they do keeping the community picked up and safe.


Ms Sonia asked how JR works with other neighborhoods on public safety–has contacts with the neighborhoods and the neighborhood presidents–goes to neighborhoods when there is a crisis


Committee discussed the public safety needs in Poppleton


JR was re-elected chair of the Public Safety Committee.


Police Updates

Lexington Market soft opening last Tuesday

UMB Police holding a coat drive and working on a turkey drive

Ms Paulette asked about vandalism at Center West–could look into a private security company


Ms Sonia shared about the new 988 number–Committee discussed ways to get the word out about the new 988 number. Southern Police District will come out to talk about the new number


Scott asked about safety for kids crossing Baltimore St at Amity St coming home from school. Will follow up with DOT on what would be possible at the intersection and talk to to the school


Project Updates

Have made preliminary awards of contracts for W Baltimore St safety grant–waiting for final report on boarding costs on priority properties but it looks like we can do the full scope of both


Should check in on hydrant pressure


Rec Center construction will begin soon, pool will be open 2024. SWP received funding for playing field improvements which will include greenspace around the Rec Center.



Hollins Halloween Saturday 4-6 pallet park, CEC party at the polls Saturday, Halloween party inside at the Poe auditorium, looking for candy donations 


Police redistricting will begin January 1st


James McHenry Rec Center open from 5-9pm


Kirby Lane Park Fall Festival 2-6pm


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