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Latoya Hernandez


Community Schools: SWP has submitted an RFP to City Schools to be approved as a new lead agency. Still waiting to hear back, should hear back this week. Once we hear back we can begin hiring for three schools: Charles Carroll Barrister, Vivien T Thomas, Steuart Hill. If anyone know anyone who might be a good fit for the positions please let Elizabeth know and she can answer any questions.

Green Bronx Machine: Lou has been advocating for the schools adopting the model. Elizabeth will send the clip to Sheila. Some of the schools have been very interested in the idea, which is to use hyrdroponics to grow produce to feed the community as well as teach science and other subjects—made it a part of their core curriculum. Lisa Brown at Steuart Hill is very interested in the idea. Lou is also sharing with Mr Wunder at Charles Carroll Barrister and wants to share with Ms Young.

United Way: Lou and Elizabeth met with the United Way to discuss how they could support the Community School Work moving forward. The United Way is willing to share data and resources and has offered to host a meeting of the lead agencies, principals

Other Updates: Lou has been talking with the Y on operating the VTTMAA pool and is working with the Audobon Society on raising funds for a program at Charles Carroll Barrister

Committee Elections

The Committee is electing a Chair for the next year. The Chair represents the Committee at the SWP Board of Directors.

Lou will nominate Abigail to serve as the Chair. Jane and Sabrina seconded. Abigail accepted the nomination. Abigail was unanimously elected as Chair with great joy, applause, and gratitude. Lou is going to continue to work on his projects: United Way, Green Bronx Machine, working with Loyola School of Education, Audobon Society, and Vivien T Thomas pool.


Lou will be working with the Leadership Foundation to bring a program called Hands and Feet United that will encourage city and county congregations to work together on projects that they share a similar passion for to bring the churches together, encourage work towards racial reconciliation, and see that they have common strengths and challenges.  Using the program as a platform to connect with BUILD.

The Committee formally thanked Lou for his leadership through the past three years bringing the committee forward to this exciting place the committee is now in. 

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