• Attendees

Kelleigh Eastman

JR Lee

Scott Kashnow

Patricia Hogan

Sonia Eaddy

Dan Rodenburg

Edith Gilliard-Canty

Kenneth Watson

Nancy McCormick

Ashley Valis

Bill Marker

Phyllis Wilkins

Jane Shaab

Lou Packett

George Kleb

Diana Geis

Chuck Callahan

Richard Parker

Michael Seipp

  • Welcome and Introductions

Kelleigh opened the meeting and all the guests introduced themselves.

  • Approval of the Minutes

Motion by Jane to approve the minutes from May, 2nd by Dan R. All in Favor – the motion passes.

  • Governance
  • Khandra reviewed the process for new applicants
    1. Developing a document for applicants to follow and submit info.
    2. A second document for staff and board to collect and analyze supplemental info.
  • Bylaw Suggested revisions
    1. Electronic Voting Must be unanimous per MD State Law.
    2. 4.03 – Annual Meeting moved to 1st board meeting after November 1st for the purposes of electing officers of the board – therefore all committees should have elections prior to the November board meeting.
    3. 5.03 – Review the program committees at least annually – the bylaws already allow for committees to be created/ dissolved at any time.
    4. Add a Revision date and signature to the bylaws document.
    5. We will vote on these revisions at the next board meeting.
  • Jane B. – Something to consider, When considering new orgs…What does that do to the vision plan? / What does the community expect to gain by joining us?
  • Bif consider that if the year is shortened – for the purposes of electing a committee chair we may need to relax the requirement that members are required to attend 3 meetings in the year to vote. 
  • Elizabeth responded that in the past when something similar has occurred we have used the definition 3 times in the previous 12 months. [Subsequent review of the bylaws section 5.03 -concurs with this statement]
  • UMB Report
  • Ashley presented-
  • She wanted to show us a 14 minute video but instead is going to send it to us to watch re: the ‘community campus’. It discusses:
    1. New CEC 
    2. James McHenry School
    3. James McHenry Rec
    4. United Way partnership
    5. Connected vision
    6. Michael and Dottie are featured in the video among others
    7. Cure Scholars
  • Update on the Rec Center
    1. Mayor Pughs administration was supportive of selling or offering a long term lease to UMB to fund raise, renovate, and program the Rec Center
    2. Mayor Young is not supportive of this model and believes Rec and Parks, given the right support, can run a great rec center. UMB is now shifting the plan to operate inside the new political climate.
    3. One option is to explore the Rec to Tech Challenge that Digital Harbor Foundation offers.
  • 16 N Poppleton
    1. RFP released
    2. Awarded a contract to GC
    3. Subcontractors have not yet been selected
    4. MBE/ WBE/ and local participation very important
    5. Small project however and may not be possible/ or as robust as desired
    6. If not possible, a possible alternative is project Jumpstart getting residents ready for the next project. Possibly a Bio Park project.
    7. Workforce Wednesday will be key to the local hiring/training initiative
  • Bill Marker – question/ statement the political climate may change in 10 months. It probably makes sense to have discussions with Mayoral hopefuls as they come up.
  • Phyllis – who is awarding the contracts, and could we include a higher than standard MBE/ WBE requirement?
    1. Md Stadium authority – possibly…
  • Richard – Are you using Southwest Works – Yes
  • Scott – Where do most of the kids at James McHenry School come from? Is it from Poppleton? Because if so even though the Rec Center is in Hollins Market if the kids are from Poppleton the needs of those kids would be very important to the conversation of the requirements for the Rec Center.
  • MT Clare Resolution
  • Nancy presented; Mt Clare Community Council has created a master plan for the neighborhood – Thank you to the partnership for all the support so far. Today she is going to ask for more.
  • 420 S. Mount is vacant and in bad shape. It is available for tax sale.
    1. The SWP staff and Mt Clare leadership have met with and vetted a developer that is interested in the property. This will anchor the western part of the neighborhood.
    2. Baltimore Impact Properties would like to renovate the building into 51 affordable housing units.
    3. Civil Justice is prepared to begin the foreclosure process. 
    4. Nancy’s motion is to adopt a resolution for SWP to enter into an agreement with Baltimore Impact Properties to Negotiate with the City to Acquire the tax sale certificate & foreclose on the property, so that BIP can renovate the property.
      1. 2nd By Kenneth
    5. Phyllis – What are the odds the owner will come forward – Not high
      1. There are $160K in liens.
    6. Patty – What do we get?
      1. Michael – an MOU will be developed.
        1. Possibly a 50/50 split on interest paid if tax cert redeemed
        2. Possibly % of cash flow
        3. Possibly % of developer fee
    7. Bif –  Is it designated as vacant? If so and there are needed repairs can we make them? Is the developer willing to do that? They can be recouped from the owner, if the certificate is redeemed, Correct? Yes
    8. Ashley – How did we find them? 
      1. Don’t remember clearly – think it was a referral from someone that we were already working with. 
    9. Scott – Just for clarity Michael you are fully on board with this? Yes.
    10. VOTE: All in favor the motion passes.

  • SW Palooza
  • Curtis presented Palooza
    1. Will be June 29th from 1-5PM at Greater Model Park
    2. 3 sponsors – UMB, UMMS, Spector Legal Group
    3. We will present:
      1. Tax Sale Program
      2. Best Block in the West
      3. Business Improvement
      4. W Baltimore Facade Improvement
      5. Stories of Sowebo
    4. Arabbers will give carriage rides up West Baltimore Street
    5. SWP will have one tent for the committees – Each committee will have a table.
    6. Ashley – how are we getting the word out. – Social Media and the Newsletter which has already been sent to the printer and will be in the mail this week.
    7. Ashley – will there be food? – Yes there will be food. We will control that this year with a ticket, that requires registration.
    8. JR – Have we looked at the costs and benefits of the past events? Have we learned from them? How do we get more participation in our committees?
      1. $6K is the cost of the event.
      2. We are only ten days out from the event now – so it’s too late to make major adjustments now but we can for next year.
      3. Let’s put this on the agenda for our next board meeting and possibly have an ad hock committee do an after-action review.
    9. Sonia – one thing to note is the winter event seems to draw a bigger crowd.
    10. Patty – Do we collect attendance by neighborhood. – Yes
    11. Jane S-She always feels such a great sense of community at the Palooza. It’s a great event.
  • 2020 Census
    1. We applied for and were awarded $30K from the MD Department of Planning to assist with census education. We need a resolution to accept the funding.
    2. It’s a one-year grant and the funds will be used for Advertising/Workshops/ and Stipends.
    3. SWP will use the block captain program as a base to implement from
    4. Scott – process wise we should not be surprised by a grant application. The board should be aware of what we are applying for even if approval is not needed.
    5. Scott – Motion: To accept the award of $30K from the MD Department of Planning to assist with the Census. 2nd by Patty
      1. All in favor. The motion passes

  • Committee Reports
  • Education
    1. Lou – good news – all 8 of our schools have qualified for the Kirwan funding
      1. Ashley – what does that mean
        1. We are not sure
    2. Each school will need to have a lead agency
      1. Potential Lead Agents
        1. SWOCOS
        2. Bon Secours
        3. SWP (If no others)
    3. There is a two-year commitment to the funding – which means results of the first two years are very important – future funding hinges on performance.
    4. Scott – principal changes?
      1. Excel Academy – changed their principal and we didn’t even know it
      2. Franklin Square Elementary/ Middle – New Principal is Eric Roberts – We were involved but only because we fought hard to be included.
  • Housing
    1. Trolley tour was a big success – thanks to all that participated
    2. POE Homes planning process is moving forward
    3. Habitat for Humanity workshop is coming up
    4. Tas Sale/ Receivership – no new big news
      1. Suctions are scheduled for June 25th
      2. Negotiations with Dept of Housing continue
  • Public Safety
    1. Gating is moving ahead – Posts are set in a number of locations
    2. We need more gates to build
      1. Get your paperwork completed – encourage others to do the same.
    3. Michael – We are seeing significantly less illegal activity on Baltimore Street and it is directly due to JR and others having positive meetings with the police and others.
  • Workforce
    1. Reviewed and discussed community referral program
    2. Recommend improve the feedback from employers and applicants
    3. Where are gaps between partners/ anchors/ and providers
  • Vibrant Streets
    1. Just completed the best block in the west competition
    2. Small grants are moving forward
    3. Plastic bag ban possibly will be coming up and we will revisit in the future
  • Commercial
    1. Completing façade grants
    2. Lots of scaffolding up especially on Baltimore street
    3. Ken reviewed the meeting that was held with developers of the 1500 block of West Baltimore Street
      1. One of the outcomes of that meeting is that he now has a list detailing each building and the size and dreams of the spaces.
    4. They created a subcommittee to address Baltimore Street
    5. Jane S. – Now may be a good time to push again to become a main street.
  • Preservation
    1. We are working on the same projects. In the interest of time, nothing new to report.
    2. Dottie – What’s happening with Malachi Mills house? 
      1. It s the same as it’s been we are 30 days away from Acquisition. The same 30 days it’s been for the last two years. Hopefully soon.


  1. New Business/ Old Business
  • JR would like to create a construction sub committee for the Lord Baltimore Theater


  1. Community Announcements
  • George – 
    1. 2 N Fulton Park – Jam this weekend
    2. Bon Secours Health Fair
  • Ashley – Lexington Market meeting June 26
  • Jane B. Transfiguration Church is a having a flea market 10-2
    1. And a Prayer Walk Thursday the 27th from 5:30-7:30
  • Richard – Free reggae festival in Carroll Park 1-7 – bring a canned item
    1. 5 artists coming from Jamaica 1 local – plus free tours of the Carroll Museum.
  • Union Square – Sunday sounds in the park. 30th 4-7
  • The Pigtown Community Farmers Market CSA will begin in July.
  • Ridgleys is having a movie in Conway Park
  • Nancy- also a movie in the park – Tracy Atkins 6/23 at Dusk — Thor

  • Adjourn

Motion to Adjourn by Jane 2nd by Dan R.


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