Wini Alexander (Humanim)

Shanell Smith (HABC)

Ariel Keene (United Way)

Danielle Lew (Paul’s Place)

Chris Firehock (Mayor’s Office Community and Economic Development)

Jeff Thompson (10:12 Sports)

Mark Hooper (MOED)

Althea Sanders Ranier (Bon Secours Community Works)

Sean Robinson (United Way)

Kierra Sanders (UMMC)

David Eugene (Goodwill of the Chesapeake)

Lisa Rawlings (UMB CEC)

Kristen Chappelle (Habicorps)

Morgan Robertson (10:12 Sports)

Ellen Levy (Paul’s Place)

Erica Robertson (Bon Secours Community Works)

Wynisha Witt (Byte Back)

Joanne Nathans (JOTF)

Outreach and Engagement 

UMB has an e-newsletter etc but knows that they don’t reach everyone, especially people who are not already connected to the internet


United Way–does a lot of outreach through the United Way Family Center and word of mouth, as does UMMC


UMMC goes out in the community several times a month doing outreach and and career fairs. UMMC will have a resource/hiring event December 6th. Al;so has an outreach coordinator who goes to a lot of events across the neighborhood zones. Expungement events definitely bring folks out


HABC does a lot of community outreach in the different developments HABC has. Usually communicates with residents via mail–newsletters, flyers–would be willing to mail something out. HABC will connect with UMMC


Bon Secours has resident coordinators as well as Clean and Green Team who could hand out resources and information from a variety of programs .New people are recruited through word of mouth, but exploring social media as well


Paul’s Place–rely on word of mouth and referral from clients. Street outreach is peer recovery advocate and community nurse


Habicorps has a marketing department that helps with outreach and recruitment, use a lot of social media–find most effective way to get referrals is through partnerships, but do have some strong candidates this year not from partnerships


10:12 Sports have had a decrease in participation in the last year, find the hiring process and process of finding housing for folks especially challenging 


Byte Back relies on partnerships and word of mouth referrals. Use facebook (especially facebook groups), instagram, and linked in. Baltimore Based Jobs is a very active Facebook group.


MOED does at least monthly recruitments, held a job fair at the War Memorial yesterday–at least 100 vendors, about 200 participants, be involved with and participate in other events. Have mobile navigators that goes door to door, and a follow up unit for folks who aren’t hired through job fairs–would like to focus that more on the South Baltimore area as they service the whole city currently. Will check to see if door to door navigators can share other information. Have a LYFT program through ARPA funds–offer 40 LYFT rides until someone gets their first check–have to be a Baltimore City resident and employer has to be in the Baltimore City area.


Goodwill–attend events to get information for clients, Goodwill also does a lot of advertising 


Lisa–thinks it would be ideal to be able to pay people to do outreach in their neighborhoods–knows that SLYC does something similar, Morgan University is doing a model like that to do some health outreach around the pandemic. CFUF would pay past participants to do outreach. Roundtable likes this model–but the tricky part is how to pay for it. 


A lot of organizations create alumni organizations which would be an excellent way to get the word out. 


Churches are also a good outreach tool 


HABC also has a career closet



Bon Secours Community Resource Center: healthcare training program is looking to recruit for CNA/GNA training, starting in January

Doing a turkey giveaway Sunday November 20th 10:30am until gone


Expungement and Hiring Event at the UMB CEC. Have a free 5 week training coming up on soft skills, hard skills, and have an opportunity to intern at the Hospital–last cohort 8/10 are employed at the hospital–good training program for folks who are re-entering the workforce


Humanim–another administrative assistant training the spring


United Way–doing a CNA/GNA training on the east side, also offer phlebotomy, as well as medical coding and billing, and 90 hour childcare for SNAP recipients 


Goodwill: have an upcoming Thanksgiving event at the Convention Center


Paul’s Place:

Paul’s Place/Groundwork Kitchen is recruiting for the January Class of the 12-week Culinary Training Program. Apply at


MOED: will be doing a Turkey Giveaway on 11/22 from 5pm in Cherry Hill, also having a recruitment with the BRIDGE program on December 10th with Harbor Hospital 


BYTE Back–will be having a computer fundamentals class at the Stillmeadow Church

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