Howard Hughes

Susan Moriarty

Donnell Nance

Edith Gilliard Canty

Paulette Carroll

Elizabeth Weber

Dotie Page

Jack Sullivan
Katwalk Boutique


Project Updates

Franklin Square Comfort Station is still moving along, and traffic calming was installed at Fayette and Calhoun.


Next priorities for traffic calming: Schroeder and Pratt and Poppleton and Fayette.


Jack can pick up where there are abandoned tree wells and other needs for trees along W Baltimore St and around the area in January and use his students. Would like to focus on trees and cross walks. 


Susan—Barre Circle looking for a landscape architect student to help with a lot in Barre Circle, Jack will share it around


Neighborhood Grants

We didn’t get funded from the state for the neighborhood grants, because we have so many outstanding awards/unspent funds. Committee discussed reasons for the outstanding awards and strategies for revamping the program.


Carey St Bridge

Looking for commercial electrician with experience doing outdoor installation for the Carey St Bridge lighting installation.


Planning for 2023

Will focus on planning at a subsequent meeting when more focus are present, but please think about projects that people would like to take ownership of in the next year.



Paulette will be doing a Juneteenth event again this year and will be needing some help with it.


Dotie would like to invite the folks from 4MLK to the meeting

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