Abigail Breseith

Jeff Johnson

Derrick McCorvey

Dana Neal

Abigail Guillen

Roger Wood

Elaina A

Camille Givens Patterson

Dotie Page

Laura Dykes

Kai Hams

Community School Updates

Schools have been celebrating Teacher’s Appreciation Week, many local businesses have made contributions towards honoring teachers. 


Charles Carroll Barrister is holding a Mother’s Day luncheon, and is working on implementing the SBGP grant to have the playground restored


Steuart Hill’s main focus is on the transition to new schools (at the end of the next school year). Jeff and Mark Byrd (the CSC) will be meeting with the folks at the District around strategies to engage parents in the transition process . Also planning spring fling on May 17th, Community Space will be open by the Spring Fling


Vivien T Thomas recently held a very successful health fair–great turnout from students and partners


Lifebridge will be presenting at the next CSC Roundtable on June 1st where they will share their services and the ways in which they would like to connect with schools in the area.


Derrick asked about the relationship between communication with families around advocacy and the transition-this is something that we are in communication about regularly


Lou Packett Fund

Elizabeth shared about the Lou Packett Fund that will support area schools and encouraged committee members to donate to support the schools in the area.


Mental Health

Continue to have conversations with large service providers to see if they would be open to that. Are putting together a survey for school staff to get a sense of where they are in terms of mental health needs.


Youth Internship Update

Interns have begun meeting, have made commitments to meet with different Committees. Will also be participating in the pedestrian safety charrette on May 14th, will be at the Sowebo Fest, would like to hold a block party, and will be doing outreach and engagement around the Our Baltimore Plan engagement. 


Steuart Hill Update

Have submitted filing #3 to the State Board of Education in the appeal process. The district will respond to our response, and will be packaged by a judge and sent to the State Board of Education to decide what will happen next.  Probably won’t be to the State Board until mid-late June. Have had testimony at the state Board public comment session. If you’d like to be more involved reach out to Abigail or join the group Fridays at 4:30 at the Mission.


Board Consultants

Education Committee asked the Board to engage consultants in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The Board did engage a DEI consultant, whose report centered primarily around organization-wide communication and leadership. Abigail wanted to see if the Committee had any thoughts around next steps. 


Laura thinks that the organization does need to address DEI work. 

Dotie has concerns about how the current consultants have handled the report


The Committee would need to know more information to make a recommendation



SWP is working with the Department of Planning on engagement around the Comprehensive Plan–please let Elizabeth know if you’re interested in being involved. We have funding to support engagement. 


May 20th at 5:30 will be a family science night–flyer will be coming out shortly. 

May 7th UMB Spring Neighborhood Festival. Saturday from 12-4pm,. Will be music food fun etc.


Luca will be screened at UMB CEC–pizza and snacks will be served 

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