Mira Appleby (Lifebridge/VSP)

Angela Jones (Lifebridge/VSP)

Lisa Rawlings (UMB)

Rachel Goodrich (SWP)

Jeffrey Thompson (10:12 Sports)

Regina Merritt (Lifebridge/W Baltimore Renaissance Foundation)

Kindra Barnes (Bon Secours)

Merceditas Smith (Bon Secours)

Tijuana Dixon (NPower)

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Demetrius Goodwin (NPower)

Greg Hunt (MOED)

Michael Franklin (UMMC)

Olivia Farrow (St Agnes)

Jon Law (ABC)

Joanne Nathans (JOTF)

Darryl Lee (REIGN Ultimate Solutions Network)

Kristen Sheppy (Habitat for Humanity)

Adenike Akintola (BCPSS)

Stan Wolfe (BCPSS)

JP Gavin (Medix Allied Health)

Marvin McKinstry (MOED)

Youth Apprenticeship

Apprentice Maryland–new program across the state. In many ways is a prolonged internship program. Unique opportunity for employers to train high school students. Earn as you learn opportunity. Employers sign up online–careers need to be related to the STEM field. 450 paid hours that high school students complete prior to graduation. Have to be at least 16 by the time they start, and have to complete by the time they graduate. Need to have 125 hours of instruction–could be provided by employer or coursework. Hours can be worked around the student’s schedule. 


Employers must apply, provide a supervisor/mentor, and participate in periodic evaluations, want to make sure there will be open future positions.


Students would start the program the summer after their junior year–need to have students ready for that point. 


Goal for first cohort is at least 25 students and 10 employers


Lisa: who pays the stipend? The employer does. The benefit to the employer for the program is the chance to train a young person who they would like to employ. 

Olivia: pay rate? Has to be at least minimum wage but employer has the flexibility. This is a centralized approach that will support that employers have a good relationship, that all students have equitable access, and support for recruitment. 


There are also grant opportunities to support paying salaries–there will be an information session with the DOL for June 11th. Flyer:


NPower is providing a pre apprenticeship pilot–cohort started in February–plan was to target graduating seniors who could apply to the program and be accepted while in high school–could go straight into paid internship or apprenticeship. Found that the virtual setting didn’t work best for student schedules–had 10 or 12 students apply, but they weren’t able to attend due to their schedules. 


Stan’s email: Stan Wolfe:


Medix Allied Health

Healthcare specific staffing firm. Specialize in contract and contract to hire placements. Contract to hire is having someone fill in for an open position who will hopefully be a good fit. Medix is helpful for the anchor institution referral program–with the anchor partners there is a long process for bringing in new employees, but there is a need for immediate hiring for many people. They are also a good employment option for clients who might be harder to employ (because of a certification situation or similar). Is able to work with employers to help them through the process.John.gavin@medixteam.com908-698-744



Lifebridge/VSP: Still recruiting applicants, have a direct link

Bon Secours: still recruiting for medical front office training. Training officially starts the beginning of June. Recruiting for an upcoming PCT training through UMMC/BCC

NPower: Recruiting for fall class–young adults, veterans, veteran spouses

MOED: Employment Connection Center has started a facebook live event focusing on Southwest Baltimore, also has a number of resources available to job seekers.

Habitat: Going to start recruiting June 1st–recruiting 15 participants

BCPSS: Adenike’s office will be providing four summer programs for City School students City Schools is seeking community feedback on its Reimagine, Reengage, and Reconnect, you can provide feedback here:

Summer programming:


JOTF: No announcements

10:12: No announcements, thanks everyone

UMMC:PCT Training

St Agnes: Wants to thank Lisa and Rachel for an upcoming recruitment event

ABC: Workforce and Racial Equity Community of Practice–learning community and learning how to improve organization practices. Next convening is June 25th–is practically focused.

Reign: Outcast food network provides food for 200 people each week–serve Tuesdays at 11 at. 2620 Quantico Ave. Also has a show on employers who are hiring

UMB: Workforce Wednesday is in person again starting in June! 2-5pm every Wednesday at 16 S. Poppleton St. by appt only. 

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