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JR motioned to approve the minutes, was seconded approved.

Bike Rodeo Planning

First Bike Rodeo was held at the parking lot across from Hollins Market, had tents for bike repair, an obstacle course to learn bike safety. Would like to hold it again–the same size event in the Parking Lot of Hollins Market. 

Bill would avoid planning a large public gathering because of the pandemic. 

Committee could aim for a September event–could be cancelled if not ready for the event.

JR can start the planning–identifying partners/vendors–planning is putting out cones, letting neighbors know what’s going on. 

JR will connect with Nia Reed Jones (Black People Ride Bikes) on the planning of the bike rodeo. Black People Ride Bikes is an advocacy organization ensuring that all areas of the City receive bike programming and infrastructure. Website: Rec and Parks are starting a bike borrowing ride around Lake Montebello at the same time as the Black People Ride Bikes ride. Also working to get a repair site at Carroll Park. Link to Black People Ride Bikes Fundraiser:

Violence Prevention Strategy

Plan provides for three pillars of work to apply a public health lens to public safety issues. 

  1. Public Health Approach: addressing violence through restorative practices to keep people out of the criminal justice system
  2. Community Engagement: working with communities and grassroots organizations so communities can address problems based on their own priorities
  3. Evaluation and Accountability: 

JR asked if it would be funded by a cut in the police budget? Not currently, and if it is replicating another city’s success? Some of it–Oakland has failed twice but is currently succeeding at a similar model. 

JR is concerned about replicating past failures–this plan does involve more concerted agency coordination and accountability which could make it more effective. 

Abell Camera Pilot

Thomas shared an overview of the camera project, including proposed locations:

Laura made a motion to accept the proposal including additional cameras at Carrollton and W Baltimore St, Arlington and W Baltimore and Fremont and Lexington, JR seconded. Committee voted to move forward on the project.

David–connected with Matt Hendrickson at DOT but lost him again–will try to get back in touch.

Fire Awareness

There has been an increase in fires in vacant houses which have spread to occupied houses in the area–be vigilant and keep an eye out for fires. Thomas asked for there to be expedited boarding of vacant houses from the city. 


HUD has announced grant decisions on projects funded through the Transform Poe project–grant for homeownership repairs on owner occupied properties (25) in Poppleton/Hollins Market, grant for food tenant stall updates in Hollins Market, new splash pad in Model Park. HABC is now getting all of the paperwork together to get the approval to start spending money.

Union Square is concerned about the mini roundabout on Pratt St with the BGE work. 


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