Jeff Johnson

Lou Packett

Lisa Rawlings

Richard Parker

Tjwana Dixon

Diana Geis


Bill Marker

Laura Dykes

Scott Kashnow


Workforce Grant Updates

Available here:


Committee discussed the progress of the grantees–while there have been delays because of covid the grantees are making progress. In the next quarters there will be more of an understanding of the 


Project Updates

Updated Workforce Resource Guide:


Committee would like to see a more easily hand out able format–potentially a trifold


Jeff suggested connecting with Juvenile Justice, Scott suggested creating a website, Laura suggested building a QR code–Diana liked the idea of the QR code and suggested focusing on the QR codes

Lou suggested including the printing costs in the listening campaign. 


Elizabeth will connect with Rodney on a marketing strategy and the different types of materials that could be produced. 


Advocacy Training:

Haven’t yet heard back from advocacy organizations–Elizabeth is following up. If anyone has direct contacts at any of the organizations (especially Strong City Baltimore, BUILD, Leadership Foundation) please let her know/connect us.


Announcements Workforce Grant

Haven’t heard back from potential organizations–if anyone has any direct contacts please connect with Elizabeth.



Nadine is interested in putting together a program where entrepreneurs would have access to the commercial kitchen that will be in her new building. 


Scott and the Preservation Committee are exploring a deconstruction program. Lisa and Lou suggested discussing with Second Chance and Habitat for Humanity

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