Laura Dykes- Chair Carrie Baniszewski Lou Packett Ashley Watson - Greywood Group Curtis Eaddy II- Staff Tony Scott- Staff Roger Wood - Lord Baltimore Nikky Davis - BDC Jordan Taylor - New developer Bif Browning Jane Buccheri Frieda Ulman - Pigtown Main Street Jane Mayrer Neea Reed - Poe Homes Phoenix Harlee Scott Kashnow Eugene Balbierz

Approval of April Minutes – Jane Mayrer makes a motion to approve, Jane Buccheri seconds

ABC’s of Investment Recap – Curtis

  • RSVP 71, Attendees 40
  • Business – Ethiopic & SoFusion Cafe
  • Learned about MEP, invest own money into local businesses. Can invest 401K without penalties 
  • Still open for businesses to join – contact Curtis
  • For investors 

Tenant Improvement Funds

  • Subcommittee – Commercial Capital Investment Subcommittee
    • Includes Facade, Stabilization, & Tenant Improvement
    • Having contest for 1400 & 1500 blocks of W. Baltimore 
    • One application
    • Funds from SWP, BDC and CHAP
    • Deadline for applications will be due end of July
    • Review committee will meet in August to award funds

Committee Goals for 2021 Updates

  • Retail Study/Vision Plan Conversation
    • Talked to the organization who originally did our Vision Plan, strongly suggested that before we put funds into a new study that we make sure the City has buy-in
    • Enterprise is wanting to partner with SWP, which includes helping us update Vision Plan and Retail Study
    • Working to get Deputy of Neighborhoods to come out to the area
    • Will be getting feedback on pricing
    • Getting evaluation of where we are and implementation, plans for different areas, i.e. housing & commercial
    • Roger: Do we have reasonably current neighborhood population and business demographics?
      • Tony: We will once the Census data is released
      • Roger: Bill Freeman has the data and subscriptions 

Neighborhood Marketing Working Group

  • Looking for volunteers from the Commercial, Housing, and Historic Preservation Committees to be a part of the Working Group focusing on coming up with creative ideas to market the seven individual neighborhoods, the SWP footprint as a whole, and W. Baltimore St. 

Entrepreneurship Conference 

  • Tentatively Set for August 20th
  • Looking for volunteers to help plan it – Ashley Watson, Nikky Davis & Phoenix Harlee volunteered, Laura will send them info. Will need more volunteers. Church of the Nativity has access to 400 volunteers – Lou will reach out to them. 
    • Marketing video, touring of available spaces
    • Networking Pop-up Fair
    • Panels and workshops – identifying and contacting speakers

Land Bank Update

  • Staff will be giving a Land Bank 101 presentation in a summer Housing Committee meeting. Will send date to Commercial Committee when firm
  • The SWP Land Bank will not be banking commercial properties to start but the plan is to expand to commercial properties down the road

Old Business

  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Rodney & Curtis
    • Met with 1410, still looking for partners
    • 219 units, 20-30 commercial spaces
    • will have them attend a future meeting
    • Clean and Green program will be starting in June – 1300 – 1600 block
  • Facade subcommittee update – Carrie
  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda
    • Charmtown Ventures moved to Bush and Washington
      • 15 businesses
      • Loft space still available
    • Culinary Architecture is expanding 
    • Official Hot Mess will be moving to Barre Circle
    • Tobacco and Vape Store opened Cigar shop next door
    • This Little Piggy Foot Spa under new ownership
    • Groundwork Kitchen opening for carryout late June
      • fully open later this summers
    • Maryland Crab – new business opening in July
    • Trivia Night this Thursday the 27th, register online
    • Citizens of Pigtown dumpster day on the 29th at elementary school
    • Mobtown Live – first event indoors this Saturday

New Business – none

Motion to adjourn – Jane Buccheri, seconded – Nikky Davis 

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