Frieda - Pigtown Main Street Jane Mayrer Laura Dykes, Committee Chair Bill Freeman Tonny Wambuga Ashley Watson Roger Wood (BMAC) Jane Buccheri Todd Powell - SAVVYREP David McGill Scott Kashnow Nikky Davis Tony Scott, SWP staff Carrie Baniszewski, SWP staff T Sanders Jonathan Sussman Lou Packett Keith Robinson, SWP staff Kenneth Watson Jr. Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil Andy Cook, Made in Baltimore Curtis Eaddy, SWP staff

Approval of March Minutes – Lou, Scott

BRNI/CORE Applications

  • Last year we got
    • Facade Program
    • Baltimore Street Acquisition/Stabilization Funds
  • Laura wants to apply for them all
  • Scott suggests applying for the build out front commercial spaces in Lord Baltimore
    • Jane Buccheriagrees
    • Roger – make marquee low priority, cautions against retail space because there will be 14 – 18 months of construction around space
  • Are there things related to the main construction of LB that we could apply for
    • Roof? 
      • Water leaks in main entertainment space
      • Going to need whole new roof and roof structure
      • Roger: could be easier to build out the new concept with the roof off
    • Tony submitted poll, committee members voted for their top three
      • Pop-up/Tenant Build-Out for Lord Baltimore – 80%
      • Tenant Improvement Grant – 73%
      • Hollins Market Head House – 60%
      • Facade Program – 60%
      • Theater Marquee – 13%

Homerun Accelerator Program Presentation

  • Andy Cook from Made in Baltimore 
    • supports small maker businesses in Baltimore
    • most of their membership are based out of their homes
    • Launching tomorrow, identify 12 business, run them through program (May through June), develop a plan, scale their business up to a commercial space 
    • Goal to get businesses into physical spaces by the end of the year
    • Application deadline April 18th
    • Looking to Partnership to recruit applicants 
    • Looking for:
      • been in business for a year or two
      • operating out of the house or maker space
      • product based
      • demonstrate a financial viability
    • In the process of creating a database of possible commercial spaces
      • If interested in having one of the 12 businesses in your space contact Andy
  • Response to Homerun Accelerator Program
    •  Entrepreneur Conference Idea for consideration – use for match-making, highlight space that is available
      • virtual, physical, or hybrid
    • List of potential home-based businesses in Partnership
    • How can we recruit businesses
      • Contact Robert with the SOWEBO arts festival
      • Neighborhood meetings

Committee Goals for 2021 Updates

Old Business

  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Keith & Curtis
    • Logo – 
      • 196 designs submitted
      • selected down to 6 top artists
      • Midnight tonight deadline for updates to designs based on Partnership feedback
      • Baltimore St team (staff and Laura) will choose final design this week
  • Facade subcommittee update – Carrie
    • 1600/1602 W. Baltimore application approved by committee last week
      • Caribbean restaurant and lounge 
    • 1100 W. Pratt got an extension on their contract due to weather, will be starting this month
    • Zella’s also received a contract extension due to weather, ordered new sign, finalizing contract for the remainder of the Scope Of Work 
    • 1411 W. Baltimore – approved for facade grant from FIG, may be asking for additional funds for stabilization of the building, see Ashley’s presentation below
  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda
    • Trivia – this Thursday
    • Sip and Paint, April 22nd

New Business

  • Grey Wood Group – 1411 W. Baltimore – Ashley Watson
    • 4500 sq foot
    • Event space and food incubator 
    • Will have to rebuild from ground up
    • Requesting $50,000 for stabilization (total budget $125,000)
    • Working with City on acquiring the vacant lot next door
  • Scott makes motion to support the 50K request, Jane B seconds
    • T and Jonathan abstain 
    • Motion Passes
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