Southwest Partnership

Education and Workforce Development Committee

May 5 2016

1138 Hollins St 2nd Floor



Lisa Vander

Noblia Rojas

Jane Buccheri

Lisa Rawlings

Vernell Lewis

Edith Gilliard

Lou Packett

Bill Joyner

Peggy Liao


After School Program Update

Vernell Lewis: James McHenry has shared a list of their after school programs. Details about the programs are in the attached overview. During the programs the students have dinner and get homework help. Overall, the biggest need for the school was for funding to pay teachers and staff stipends to keep the programs running.


Charles Carroll Barrister reported that they currently had no after school programs at the school.


Lou will report on Franklin Square next month.


The goal of the after school program review is to have an understanding of the major needs of area schools in terms of out of school programming in order to be able to present those needs to the CBA funding committee.


Jane Buccheri reported that it looks the Family League is sponsoring a program at the James McHenry Rec Center this summer. She will investigate and found out more information.


Update on Meeting with Bill Milliken

Lou Packett: Bill Miliken is the founder of Communities in Schools and is an expert on community schools. Communities in Schools has 96% graduation rate for students who were ID by the program early in their school career as being at risk.


Milliken advocated making a long-terms plan (his organization has made 100 year plan) as programs in schools run parallel to the political process, emphasized that the key ingredients to success in an individual school are the community school coordinator and the principal, and having a strong coalition of partners which include the community, people in power, and members of relevant bureaucracies (those with the authority to make systems-wide change). He also emphasized that the faith community can be an important resource.


Milliken and his organization are looking into next steps for the SWP–this would be an opportunity to bring together the partners working on Community Schools in the area to develop a strategy to galvanize the process. If anyone is interested in being involved in the conversations let Elizabeth know.


Project Updates

The SWP and the UMB Office of Community Engagement are partnering on a YouthWorks for the summer which will connect 14 area young people with their neighborhood associations to work on one project identified by the association which will provide the YouthWorker with tangible job skills.


We are currently working with the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development to identify young people who live in the area to participate in the program.


Funding is needed for stipends for community mentors to work directly with the students–the total cost will be about $7,000.


Lisa Vander will connect with her contacts in the state government for possible funding sources.


The Abell Foundation declined to fund the proposed SWP/Public Allies program which would provide one Public Ally per participating school to serve as an attendance monitor. The Committee discussed possible next steps.



Peggy Liao is working with Hollins Market and the neighborhood associations to organize a Hollins Market Pop-Up event on May 7th. She is in need of volunteers for a children’s art table from 12-6pm. Elizabeth will send a request out to the Committee.


Jane Buccheri is interested in organizing a clean up day at James McHenry Elementary/Middle School. She’ll get in contact with Mr Miller to begin organizing it.


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