Southwest Partnership
Housing Committee
April 14, 2016

 Chairman’s Welcome
 Introductions – Anthony, Dotie, Jamie, Dan, Edith, Nancy, Lou,
Diana, Michael
o Discussion on purpose of Committee – Jamie stated that the
Committee’ primary responsibility is to serve the neighborhood
associations priorities

 Wrap up of discussion on the Gentrification (k)not movie
 Tenant Rights Update
 Update on Housing Development
 Preparation of presentation for new Mayor
 La Cite Update
o Anthony gave an update on Poppleton – zoning hearing on
April 5 th – desire to keep houses as single family houses
o The letter from La Cite was read. Decision was made to ask
Poppleton to consider making the letter public. It was also
decided that a letter be drafted and presented to the winner of
the Democratic primary stating that any decisions giving La
Cite additional time will not be made without extensive
discussions with the community leadership.

 New Business

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