Susan Moriarty 

Edith Gilliard Canty

Laura Dykes

Donnell Nance

Roger Wood

Diana Geis

Scott Kashnow

Bill Marker

Project Updates

Signs: DOT has said they are ready to go and ready to be installed this spring, but no updates yet on timeline


Comfort Station: permits have been issued, contractors expect to be completed by April 14th


Public Art: will get it back going after the communications manager is on board and after Sowebo


Trees: Baltimore Tree Trust is getting a stump grinder–first project will be in Pigtown


Sidewalks–hasn’t been any progress on problematic sidewalks (Barre Circle and Baltimore and Calhoun)




Pigtown Food for Thought needs a fence

Facade improvements

Spruce Up Grant program 


Committee discussed the B&O Railroad Bridge and potentially forming a subcommittee to meet with the B&O. Scott, Susan, and Diana would be interested. May meeting the Committee can review the work that’s already been done with proposals for the B&O railroad bridge 


Community walk of fame for W Baltimore St

Bus shelter improvements and installation–play anywhere structures


Green parking lots


Donnell thinks the neighborhoods around W Baltimore should be looking at permit parking


How can we get funding for parks? One project in a park of multiple similar projects in many parks. Could we apply  for planning? Maybe. Improved recreation opportunities in neighborhood parks


Better access from whistle stop to the Mount Clare Museum House


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