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SAO Updates

Monica Cooper from the State’s Attorney’s Office provided updates on recent convictions/guilt pleas

–W Baltimore St and S Hilton St fatal pedestrian collision in 2021–driver plead guilty

–conviction for murder and armed robbery

–adult indited for role in fatal shooting of a 15 year old by a 9 year old (gun owner)

-shared statement from the State’s Attorney’s Office on the violence experienced by the family of Deanta Dorsey 


Also shared about public safety bills being introduced in Annapolis including free security cameras for folks living in high crime areas and increasing the reward for tips leading to a successful conviction to $50,000


Also suggested community impact statement from community groups


–concerns about safety at Stockton and Lombard St–suggested attending the Commander’s meeting


–how are the SAO District boundaries drawn? Currently match with the police districts–but will be restructured and may be legislative districts


Community relations council is different from the Commander’s meeting

–how does the SAO help community members feel comfortable going to the police to report crimes/be witnesses? Part of SA Bate’s agenda is to build bridges between the police and the SAO. SAO has a good relationship with MONSE, which is implementing a successful gun violence prevention strategy aimed at addressing retaliatory shootings. ROCA program is another program that does similar work


–State’s Attorney has started citation court for low level offenses that will offer folks diversion programs, if folks decline diversion programs they will be incarcerated


–Is there an opportunity to have a representative from the SAO come to a community location like the CEC or the Rec Center to facilitate young people having conversations with a lawyer. Elizabeth will email Monica with the idea. 


Project Updates

–have had some interest in string lights, folks are working on putting together their applications

–camera installation has begun on W Baltimore St

–Right of Way permit re-issued for 1200 W Lexington St, posts will be installed next week


BRNI Projects

–alley gating

–proper vacant housing boarding?


–pedestrian lighting

–fill W Baltimore St lighting


Public Safety Roundtable

Resources for community members impacted by violence?–rapid response force? Colleen can bring it to the next meeting


Grace community day April 22nd 11-2pm

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