Lisa Rawlings

Terrell Spencer

Rachel Goodrich

Richard Parker

Elizabeth Weber

Jafar Taru

Paulette Carroll 

Rason Taru

Virginia Holley

Erica Sullivan

Dotie Page

Bif Browning

Review of Workforce Grantees and Recommendations for Next Steps

SWP received funding from the Lowe’s Foundation to provide grants for workforce initiatives in the area, and made three awards: 10:12 Sports, University of Maryland Medical Center, and the SAFE Center.


Committee discussed the progress of the previous grantees. Staff recommended to continue funding 10:12 but not to continue funding UMMC and the SAFE Center. Committee voted to accept the staff recommendation.


Committee discussed priorities for the final year of funding: Rason suggested investing in programs that provide training for skilled labor–potentially scholarships for apprenticeship programs. Lisa would like to get something like Jumpstart in the community or something like JARC.


Ms Paulette would like to support SLYC–funding is only for workforce development programs, but if SLYC is working on workforce development they could apply. 

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