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Approval of March Minutes 

The March minutes were approved after a motion was moved and seconded.

Guest Speaker: Kristen Mitchell – Hollins Market Head House

The guest speaker Kristen Mitchell introduced herself and the organization she works for which is Baltimore Markets. She gave a current update on the Hollins Market Head House. She talked about the tour with regards to the RFP and provided more details of Baltimore Markets activities to members of the committee.

The details were focused on the following three main points:

  • Hollins Head House
  • Stall Reconstruction (8 Stalls)
  • Business/Merchant Recruitment

She also disclosed that Baltimore Markets have hired an Architect (Architects) for the Stall Reconstruction projects. She also provided information that Baltimore Markets have hired a Commercial Kitchen Designer.

Retail Study Questions

  • What are your current shopping behaviors
  • What draws/brings business to the area
  • How can we support our current businesses
  • Are residents shopping in their own neighborhood
  • Who is patronizing who
  • Are there new shoppers coming to patronize the area businesses
  • How do you shop, in other words what is your shopping method/pattern
  • Do you drive or walk to shop
  • What are your shopping delivery methods, do you shop in person or online
  • Are the goods delivered to you at home, ie home delivery
  • What are the impediments/constraints to shopping in your own neighborhood
  • What is the current retail mix in the area
  • What incentives do the area businesses need
  • How to support current businesses to thrive better
  • Any other questions should be submitted to Carrie


Update: Minority-Owned businesses’ code enforcement issues 

Rason raised the issue of racism as being the main problem. He said Caucasians call code enforcement and also call the police on minority owned businesses. He gave examples of frivolous complaints made by caucasians against minority owned businesses without any proof or justification.He gave examples of what happened with Old Major, and Richies Lounge. He made mention that SWP, Union Square, Hollins Roundtable caucasian membership with personal and economic interests are the one behind this issue. He also talked about gentrification issues, and the problems minority owned businesses are facing in the hands of caucasians who are in the habit of vilifying black owned businesses and making false accusations against them. He said that these people who unjustifiably make these unproven accusations against minority owned businesses should be held accountable for their actions.

Old Business

  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda

Frieda gave an update of happenings at Pigtown Mainstreet. She mentioned that a new business opened up called Swill Apothe cafe by Blacksmith. 

She also mentioned the upcoming events as shown below:

  • Cork and Cocktails coming up on May 26th, 2022
  • Pigtown festival is coming up on October 8th, 2022. 
  • CIP Competition Update – Carrie

Carrie provided more information regarding the Facade subcontracts, the application for Facade improvement, and the Facade funding.

  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Curtis

Curtis provided current information and mentioned that there were no new businesses that opened up on the business corridor. He mentioned some vacant buildings and lots that some people seem to have some interest in. Curtis also provided information on the Clean and Green team and that they have trained about 12 residents. He also mentioned that they will be kicking off year two on June, 1st. He also stated that the print design for banners have been submitted. He finally talked about the streetscaping plan that is sponsored by BDC.

  • Mainstreet update – Curtis

Same as above under Curtis

  • Facade subcommittee update – Carrie

Same as above under Carrie

New Business

David provided some updates on the upcoming bike race at Mount Vernon. He also mentioned their weekly bike ride, and their meeting schedules at Hollins Market every Sunday at 8 am. 

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