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The meeting was called to order and the meeting was anchored by Heather the committee chairperson.

Review and approval of May Minutes 

Derrick moved the motion to approve the May minutes and Steven seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by the members and attendants present.

Guest Speaker: Councilwoman Ramos – Tax Sale Reform

Councilwoman Ramos, the guest speaker, provided an overview of the Tax Sale Reform. She started by introducing herself and her working background and knowledge of the subject matter, starting from her days working with the Community Development Network in Baltimore till her most recent role as Councilwoman in Baltimore city.

  • Acquisition Disposition Purchase
  • Tax Lien Foreclosure
  • Condemnation


  • In Rem property foreclosure
  • City to take possession
  • Developer Incentives
  • Incentives to homebuyers
  • In Rem process (6-8 months)
  • Foreclose on the properties
  • Get them into the city’s possession

She also talked about:

  • Land Bank
  • DHCD – Fact Sheet
  • Vacants to Value
  • Tax Sale Work Group
  • Tax Lien Issues
  • Receiverships
  • City Ordinances
  • Land Disposition Agreement
  • Lot Next Door (Purchase Program)
  • Adopt a Lot (remains the same, no changes)


Both Laura and Steven asked her questions about some related issues they are having and she responded to their questions and gave her own insights on the issues they were having and how best she thinks they should go about handling them.

New Business

  • Resident Handbook
  • Diana provided an update on the status of the resident handbook
  • Other members and attendants also contributed and made suggestions
  • Living here vs Moving Here

Old Business

  • Housing Study
  • Carrie provided housing study update
  • 2 RFP’s
  • Housing Steering Committee
  • 2 respondents interviewed
  • Consultant under contract
  • Down Payment Assistance Program
  • Carrie provided updates on the dDown Payment Assistance Program
  • Referring people to NHS
  • Counseling Process
  • 10K for down payment assistance
  • SWP staff took advantage of the Live Near Your Work Program
  • Overall City Updates
    • Saving Your Home from Tax Sale
    • MD Homeowner Assistance Fund
  • Resident Resource Guide
  • Poe Homes – HABC
  • Carrie also provided updates on POE Homes / HABC
  • HABC development development site is now demolished
  • The representatives of HABC could not be present in today’s meeting but they sent some updates and pictures
  • Rebuilding Together partnership updates


New Business (Community Updates)

  • Carrie suggested a debrief on Councilwoman Ramos’ presentation on the In Rem process to be an agenda item on the next committee meeting.
  • Laura mentioned the upcoming Baltimore Family Alliance meeting
  • Diana brought up the topic of the possibility of in person meetings
  • Other members and attendees gave their own views and suggestions
  • Cecilia suggested once a quarter in person meeting
  • It was agreed that a survey should be sent out to committee members on this subject matter
  • Carrie would be sending out this survey and the results would be made known
  • Heather the committee chair asked for someone to volunteer and move the motion for adjournment
  • Derrick moved the motion for adjournment
  • Laura seconded the motion
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