Carrie Baniszewski Curtis Eaddy II Rason Taru Tonny Wambugu Serena Waters Laura Dykes Roger Wood Jane Buccheri Phoenix Harlee Gigi Lazard Scott Kashnow Ashley Watson Morgan (Sacred House)

Approval of June Minutes – motion to approve; Scott Kashnow, seconded by Laura Dykes

Guest Speakers: 

  • Win from Bull Development
  • Deeply Rooted 
  • Baltimore Young Professionals Brunch & Learn – Venroy July – 1041W Baltimore, Sacred House

Retail Study – delayed due to illness, CB will send out to committee when the report is done, consultants will present to committee next month

Staffing changes – Curtis leaving SWP in October

Old Business

  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Meghan
  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Curtis
  • Mainstreet update – Curtis – W Baltimore St has been designated as Mainstreet, waiting on finalization
  • Capital Projects update – Carrie

New Business

Rason requests that we record the meetings 

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