Kevin Gallaher

Colleen Moore

David McGill

Danielle Harris

Meghan Cardoso

String Lights

Funding will cover the costs of the lights and the installation costs. Have a couple of different options to move forward with the program: resident led, where community members get the work done/approvals will get reimbursed.


Working with the contractor on the east side who has done a number of these projects.


Another option is SWP leads the project–residents just need to approve the work that’s done but SWP will engage with the contractor


Usually lights are installed on one house and one house pays for the electricity. SWP


311 Requests

Please use 311 to report issues–collect the report numbers and share with SWP and the council person’s office if they aren’t resolved


Community Safety Concerns

Community members shared safety concerns



Tuesday August 1 National Night Out with the UMB Police


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