GorDon Baker

Lisa Rawlings

Khandra Sears

Roger Wood

Elizabeth Weber

Serena Waters

Diana Geis

Bill Marker

Nan Tuckett

Project Updates

  1. Advocacy Training
    1. Reached out to JOTF and Out For Justice–they are willing to do advocacy training in the fall. We will begin planning for the training in late summer. Looking at holding the training in late September/October
    2. Thought it might make sense for the Committee to learn more about workforce policy before the advocacy training. Looking for ways to make learning about workforce policy fun and interesting. Hosting a community conversation about workforce policy lead by Kurt Sommer of the West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation. Been great policy work by organizations in Baltimore–going to select a report. Community conversation will be in early September–designed to be informal and engaging. 
  2. Outreach
    1. Committee reviewed the Draft one pager review and made the follow comments
      1. Add online booking page
      2. Clarify who ‘our team’ is/SWP
      3. Make font size and SWP logo larger
      4. Make clear what QR code is for
      5. Reduce header to be 4 or 5
      6. Online needs an additional clickable URL for the QR code/destination
      7. Change image to people working
    2. Khandra, Bill, and Diana volunteered to be part of an outreach subcommittee to be responsible for determining a plan for distributing the flyers



Book at appointment with UMB Workforce Wednesdays now in-person at the UMB Community Engagement Center

UMB/SWP have committed to forwarding community members interested in food service and environmental service to St Agnes, as they are paying $15-16 an hour


Lisa shared the UMB CEC’s newsletter:


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