JR Lee

Brian Greenan

Kevin Gallaher

Laura Dykes

Kelleigh Eastman

Howard Hughes

Roger Wood

Patric Bell 

Thomas Hams

Catherine Neely 

David McGill

Approval of June minutes— Committee approved the June minutes


Mayor’s Crime Plan and Trauma Team for SWP Area

At the last SWP Board meeting a community member from Poe Homes discussed the trauma she and her family have experienced as a result of violence in the community, especially as a result of a murder that occured in front of her.


JR would like there to be a SWP Trauma Team working for community members. There is a major need for that in the community. Roger suggested that we reach out to the Baltimore City Trauma Team to see what their capacity is.

Thomas–could also raise the need for it and lobby for something that could be met. 

Howard–could we reword a grant for public safety? Committee discussed if the Southwest Partnership should hire a social worker or a case manager. Thomas suggested having resources for trauma and crime victims available for community members to share.


Kevin: HABC is working to help the resident at Poe Homes, by the end of the year there will be a resident services person based at Poe Homes. There is a public safety component to the Poe Homes transformation plan. 


Roger: Key people from Baltimore Trauma Response Team – Rev. Dr. Andre H. Humphrey, Apostle Clarence M. Hooper Senior, Linda Diane Clark, Art Chambers


David suggested investing in Block Captain trainings


Project Updates

  1. Alley Gates–there is a gate that’s been put up on Gilmor St that community members would like the lots and alley behind it cleaned up–alley from the street has subsided by there is still dumping from the back. Working through it with the neighborhood association and building commitments from neighbors to keep the alley clean. Have gotten a couple more requests for gate applications–one being done in Hollins Market. Warhorse has closed off the Hollins gas station–there is a pedestrian walkway that leads to a lot, now is the time to begin installation of the alley gate there.
  2. Cameras–don’t have a full proposal on the network for the camera system–have something that is plausible that we can present to the Abell Foundation for the installation of the cameras.
  3. Bike Rodeo–JR hasn’t had a chance to reach out to the subcommittee but ready to move forward. Laura suggested reaching out to the Community School Coordinators. David and Laura are interested in being involved.


Public Safety Roundtable


JR: concerned about teen violence. Have to find some way to keep kids safe.

Patrice: concerned about a red Honda dumped and stripped in front of Steuart Hill. Thomas–vehicle was removed yesterday

Laura shared an article:

Brian–shared an update on the Rebuilding together partnership funded by HUD

Thomas–VTTMAA pool will be open with an open house starting July 31st



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