1. Wayne Butcher – Program Director – BTI
    2. Annetta – Airs – Workforce Program Manager
    3. Sherman Davis – Futech Engineering Solutions
    4. Courtney Massey – Futech 
    5. Rachel Goodrich – SWP
    6. Ryan McGonigle – General Manager – 10:12 Sports
    7. Leslie Prewitt – Executive Director – BTI
    8. Lou Packett – Neighborhood – Franklin Square
    9. Demetrius Goodwin – NPower
    10. Tjwana Dixon – Placement specialist – Npower
    11. Jon Law – ABC
    12. Michael Franklin – Workforce Development Manager – UMMC
    13. Ellen Levy-  Groundwork Kitchen – Paul’s Place
    14. Danielle Lew – Drop in center – Paul’s Place
    15. Merceditas Smith – Bon Secours Community Works
    16. Joanne Nathans – JOTF
    17. Geoff Stack – Per Scholas
    18. Kristen Moore – BSCW
    19. Regina Merritt – Manager of Community Partnerships – Lifebridge
    20. Mira Appleby – Lifebridge
    21. Kurt Sommer- Executive Director West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation – Lifebridge
    22. Lisa Mulls – Lifebridge
    23. Monica Njoku – Lifebridge
  1. Lifebridge Health Presentation

VSP: funded by Lifebridge/West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation to work in Southwest Baltimore

Have both workforce development and business services–have janitorial and printing contracts and also provide workforce development services.

Have been able to transition people into training into employment at Lifebridge.

Partnership will provide 50 residents with services/training through the PATH program. Planning on starting March 1st.

5 part process – intake, career assessment, hard skills, internship, and placement

Identified 5 entry level positions through Lifebridge – 

8 week paid internship at Sinai or Grace hospital

Active job development to maximize Lifebridge opportunities and beyond Lifebridge to both provide leads and work on job finding skills

Provide wrap around services to help people be on a career path


Referral process: yet to be determined, but will be referred directly to VSP.

Assessment process–do an educational assessment as well as a vocational interest assessment, also do MBTI/personality test.


PATH Program Contacts:, 443-955-7526, 443-955-7523


Lisa asked about wrap around services–do take a case management approach and then connect community members to services that meet their individual needs.


Ideal candidate is someone interested in working in a healthcare setting. Looking at 18 and over. GED and diploma are preferred but not requirements.


Have identified five entry level positions. Focused on career development, anticipate connecting community members with education opportunities. Have had graduates move up the career ladder at Lifebridge. Take an individualized approach with community members–have found that the 8 week internships have enough time for folks to meet their goals and get hired.


Lifebridge working to build relationships with BTI and NPower to include the training they provide in the workforce programs provided by Lifebridge


Lifebridge is working on building a community center on W Baltimore St, working with the community on design.


Work with other medical providers on job placement.


  1. Incorporating Racial Equity Into Soft Skills Training


One of the elements of the ABC Communities of Practice that roundtable members are interested in was providing students/community members with support around dealing with predominantly white institutions/microaggressions.


CHOICE program and JARC offer some of this training–roundtable members are interested in learning more about how organizations incorporate these skills into their soft skills training.


NPower has the University of Maryland School of Social Work to talk about code switching, micro-aggressions and how to manage dealing. Cherita Adams, Assistant Dean for Administration & Strategic Initiatives at UMM-School of Social Work


BTI has a mentorship program with past students and current students


UMMC has a few initiatives that integrate topics around racial equity training into their training for community members in their programs.


Committee is interested in discussing this more at a later meeting




Per Scholas: recruiting 50 people in Q1 for IT support courses


UMMC: IT recruiting event on Tuesday, also free legal services through MD Legal Aid


ABC 3 Upcoming convenings and trainings: 2/4 1-4pm: Asset-Framing Training (RSVP to, one seat per organization)

2/12 2-4pm: Workplace REI Training

3/19 10am-12pm (tentative time): Community of Practice TBA ABC 10 essential questions


NPower currently recruiting for class that begins in February


SWP recruiting young people to be more involved in SWP Committees kick off February 4th Education Committee meeting


Virtual grand opening of Grace Medical Center ER

West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation


Two things from UMB. 1) Free Tax Prep Svcs available from Md CASH Campaign at UMB CEC and 2) Lisa is pulling together a group to help UMB decide its workforce strategy moving forward. If you’d like to be a part of the team to discuss, let me know at

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