Elizabeth Weber

Abigail Breseith

Michael Dorsey

Jane Buccheri

Quincy Goldsmith

Scott Kashnow

Laura Dykes

Roger Wood

Stephanie Lawrence

Alisha Jordan

Lou Packett 

Kenah Lyons

Kyra O’Donnell

Derrick McCorvy

Sonia Eaddy

Lydell Hills

Richard Parker

Friends of Carroll Park Workforce Development

The Friends of Carroll Park has a workforce development opportunity in Carroll Park–a paid internship and potential long term employment for young people (high school students) inside the Carroll Park area. Grow Home and Friends of Carroll Park have worked to establish a baseball league in Carroll Park. Have always looked for youth employment opportunities in this–are looking for new opportunities. Would like to begin a cut flower program internship in Carroll Park–goal is for young people to establish a cut flower co-op in Carroll Park. A half acre of cut flowers (12 week growing season) can generate 33,000-50,000 in revenue. Will help young people overcome barriers and will generate its own revenue. Asking for connections to high school youth inside of the area.


Elizabeth connected Mike to the community school coordinators at Vivien T and Excel Academy. Quincy suggested reaching out to Green St Academy. Abigail suggested reaching out to the environmental learning team at City Schools, and can help reach out to other folks at City Schools who could be helpful. 


Scott suggested reaching out to slightly older students and Abigail suggested reaching out to Middle School students. 


Lydell asked about what the qualifications for the position are–cannot hire a trainee over the age of 24. Pay range is $10-$11 an hour.


Lou suggested connecting with the Audubon Society


Community Schools Update

No real updates from the last meeting. Vivien T is working on attendance. Have a plethora of resources available for food or clothes, but the budget is still frozen so are looking for monetary donations to support students and the schools–especially incentives for students. Also staff development funding. Always are accepting donations of scrubs. Attendance–begin with letters, and then schedule meetings with families and students and figure out next steps for supporting attendance. North Ave is managing home visits. Also providing gift cards for incentives for students ($10-$20). The Committee discussed strategies for fundraising for the gift cards.


Lou asked if the archdiocese is having the same issues with attendance? No, because the schools are currently open.


February 4th Event

Goal of the February Education meeting is to invite young people to join the Education Committee meeting, and to provide an overview to the SWP and the goal of increasing youth engagement in the SWP and to recruit a group of young people who will be involved in developing and expanding this program.


Committee reviewed a draft power point and offered suggestions for including in the powerpoint. The link to the draft power point is:


Committee would like to see an engaging icebreaker, making sure that young people feel motivated and engaged in the meeting. Not sure that the history section is necessarily urgent–focus on the immediate need and situation and ensuring that young people feel like they have the answers. Ms Sonia would like to see a mention of the neighborhood associations in the ways to get involved.


Jane asked about the role of the current committee members in the event–to pause and reflect on their work and why they are involved and to build relationships with young people who also want to be involved. 


Major effort for the next month will need to be recruitment–young people ages 16-21 ish who are interested in community development in the area. Committee members will be sent the flyer and asked to share widely with young people who are interested. 


Quincy suggested that we recruit from local politicians who may have young people who they are connected to.

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