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Testimony Writing: Time to Care Act

The Time to Care Act is being heard in the House and Senate Committees assigned to it (Economic Matters and Finance) February 15th and February 10th.


Lisa shared the following story on the impact of paid Family and Medical Leave:


The Committee reviewed the draft testimony that Elizabeth put together: The Committee voted in favor of submitting the testimony to the House Economic Matters Committee and the Senate Finance Committee.


Contacting individual Committee members–Lisa got a response from Del. Charkoudian.


Individual Workforce Committee members can send an email directly to the Committees hearing the bills by clicking on the link directly from the JOTF newsletter. The text of the ask is: JOTF draft ask and the Committee contacts for the two House and Senate committees hearing the bill are here: Committee Contacts. This is very important to do, so that individual Committee members know that there is strong support for a piece of legislation. 


Committee discussed the ways in which the policy process builds in oppressive structures and how the process of making policy change works.



Looking at pipelines for folks to get employment as dump truck drivers as well as child care providers.


There is a scholarship program available for Baltimore City residents to get job training


UMB has a couple of events coming up on the UMB Community Engagement Facebook page. Information session Wednesday Feb 16th at 6:30. UMB is having a recruiting drive for open entry level positions.

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