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Cynthia Poindexter

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Kai Hams

Steuart Hill Update

At the last school board meeting the board voted to close the school at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. All students will be rezoned to Franklin Square, with a geographic preference for Frederick Elementary/Middle School. Board also voted to address the school closure process overall. 


Abigail asked what the Committee wants to have happen and how do they want to be involved?


Cynthia said that the Committee needs to understand how the process works for closing schools.


David would like to see there be safe routes for schools for students walking from Mount Clare and Union Square


Sonia–asked about the criteria of the school closing, and how many residents of Union Square send their children to SHAA. Having students attend neighborhood schools will help the schools. 


Dotie would like to focus on supporting Franklin Square as the receiving school as an option


Ms Cynthia would like to focus on relationship building


Community Schools Update

SHAA: having trouble recruiting for after school activities because of the historical focus on attending the Mission for students and families. Looking to organize vaccine clinics


Vaccine clinics at SBCS once a month for the rest of the school year. Looking for virtual tutoring options


Charles Carroll Barrister working on getting food pantry up and running, planning a Black History month event


The Committee discussed options for Judy Centers in the area (


Boy Scouts Presentation

Would like to start a partnership with community organizations where they can find locations for Boy Scout units. Boy Scouts are in the process of consolidating into one district. Looking for institutions/organizations to sponsor scouting groups. 


Program Updates

Youth Internship Program is going very well–seven dynamic, thoughtful interns. Interns find that they can come to consensus.


Will have more concrete updates on mental health and fundraising next month. 



Franklin Square doing Dads to Donuts, has a food pantry.

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