Geoff Stack (Per Scholas)

Ellen Levy (Paul’s Place)

Michael Franklin (UMMC)

Richard Parker (SWP)

Jon Law (Associated Black Charities)

Joanne Nathans (JOTF)

Robin Pettiford (Humanim)

Mira Appleby (PATH Program/Lifebridge)

Ryan McGonigle (10:12 Sports)

Merceditas Smith (Bon Secours Community Works)

Emily Greco (Back on My Feet)

Kristen Sheppy (Habitat for Humanity)

Monica Njoku (PATH Program/Lifebridge)

Kindra Barnes (Bon Secours Community Works)

Tjwana Dixon (NPower)

Wayne Butcher (BTI)

Jeffrey Thompson (10:12 Sports)

Alexia Smith (PTECH)

Annetta (AIRS Program)

Adenike Akintola (BCPSS)

Rachel Goodrich (SWP)

Lisa Rawlings (UMB)

Elizabeth Weber (SWP)

Cherita Adams (UMB SSW)

Danielle Lew (Paul’s Place)

Alethia Smith (HABC)

Dean Cherita Adams, UMB School of Social Work

Works at the UMB School of Social Work–Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives, focuses on non-academic issues.

Program began with the realization that Black and Brown community members needed support when entering the workplace at predominantly white institutions and organizations. Started with a lunch group that addressed issues that workers were facing. Workforce Development programs could encourage employers to have mentorship and coaching programs that would support new employees in being placed in workplace.


Good idea to have folks working in institutions where you would like to place students to be involved in the program and provide support to talk up program and students back at the workplace.


Dean Adams is happy to provide the presentation to any program. Begins by presenting common language showing how systemic racism works in the world and in the workplace. Most of the students are aware of situations but may not be ready to face racist situations at work or prepared with how they will react to a situation at work. Also wants to prepare folks to be ready to be decision makers by knowing that they will have to navigate these situations through their careers. 


There is also work that needs to be done around preparing institutions to be more accepting and more ready to employ people who come from backgrounds that are different from that of the power structure’s. A lot of this work is around stigma breakdown as well as advocating for hiring from workforce development programs. 


NPower has seen tremendous success with the presentation with the students.


Danielle: interested in the idea of preparing the work environment–is there a way to move from verbal commitment to real action? Preparing students helps, but it doesn’t change if the organization isn’t prepared. First step is to know the space that you’re in and the industry–look for people in a career development role. Look for where the organization shows the commitment. Also return the language in the strategic plan to make a case for inclusion. Have to give people opportunity to come in to the program. Look at job postings and identify where the needs are and show how you can fill them.



UMMC recruiting community members to participate in financial education classes. There are three classes–spending, saving, and investing. Classes start February 24th. Michael can send a flyer if anyone wants more information.


Bon Secours Community Works has a range of programs including financial literacy, workforce development, programs for returning citizens, run Clean and Green a landscaping training program. Bon Secours Community Works provides affordable tax prep services. Bon Secours is hiring additional Head Start teachers.


Lifebridge/VSP: Brochure for PATH program has been developed.If you are interested in referring anyone please contact Monica and Mira. Looking forward to getting referrals in and making contact with workforce development partners.


Per Scholas, NPower, and some other tech training programs are holding a Diversity in Tech Employment Fair and would appreciate referrals to organizations with IT Departments. 


UMB: Earlier this month Lisa led a visioning session for UMB’s workforce development program. Lisa still needs to codify the notes, and is still quite interested in the views of partners who were not able to make it. Lisa will send out a link to the survey to the listserv. Lisa also asked if there was any guidance on helping folks with a medical cannabis card navigate through a drug screen with employers. This is definitely an issue that requires employer education. Students in the past have presented the card at the testing facility, but it is still up to the employer to accept or not


Humanim: Admin training is coming up, nine weeks and begins in April.


Back on My Feet: Emily is the new program director


NPower: new class starts on Monday, preparing for job fair


Associated Black Charities: Next Community of Practice will be Friday March 19th 10am-12pm. Registration isn’t up yet. ABC also offers a Board Pipeline program to connect Black and other POC professionals to boards.


Paul’s Place: Discussing re-opening computer lab, Groundwork Kitchen is getting closer to opening doors


BCPSS: 9th and 10th grade mentorship program, also hiring fair for 12th graders at the end of the year. 


Regina: West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation is up and running–looking for tenants at the resource center at 5 N Calhoun St–workforce development, food access, youth and mentoring, and population health. Don’t have to be a full time tenant.


Virtual Recruitment with Ascension St Agnes in two weeks–will be for any position at St Agnes.


Per Scholas: have three cohorts coming up

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