Jane Mayrer

Ivan Leshinsky

Richard Parker

Lou Packett

Chris Firehock

 Scott Kashnow

Deatrice Bundy 


Rachel Goodrich

Lisa Rawlings

Public Policy Advocacy

There is currently legislation on the table in Annapolis which would advance the workforce development goals of the committee. We shared JOTF’s current policy agenda and asked Committee members to take a look at what is currently on the table in Annapolis: as well as how to get involved in the legislative process: Richard encouraged the Committee to get involved in the legislative process in terms of learning about the process and supporting bills that are currently introduced that will advance the Committee’s goals. 


Scott feels like the automatic expungement is especially important–has never understood why it wasn’t automatic. 


Jane asked about next steps–could advocate as individuals, could have an organized advocacy effort, could ask the SWP take a position.


Lou suggested asking Caryn what JOTF was doing and how we could get involved in that. Lisa shared JOTF’s action alert that people could take action on. Scott would like to use this opportunity to come together with the neighborhoods and encouraging supporting JOTF’s legislative agenda. 


Scott would like to see an organized social media campaign to teach people how to engage in policy advocacy. 


Lisa suggested hosting an advocacy night or asking another organization to host one. 


Lou suggested asking each of the neighborhood associations to support JOTF’s legislative agenda. Lisa suggested doing an advocacy night.

Committee will share JOTF’s legislative priorities to neighborhood associations, ask them to support, say that someone will attend if they would like them to. Lisa will reach out to RIchard and Caryn to see if someone can host an advocacy night training for community members. 


Could also hold a series of advocacy nights throughout the year on a variety of topics. 


Community Resources

Share about the Maryland Tax Campaign–free tax preparation, can drop off at UMB CEC


How to Share Resources

Scott–need to think about how we share the resources non-digitally

Scott thinks that the low hanging fruit way is to have it on a website, and thinks that the first step is to have the resources easily available on a website.


Mark–first thing that comes to mind is social media, but linking a social media link on the website with the resources that are posted regularly to a Facebook group–most people are going to social media before going to a website. 


Scott–have to think about how to structure things so that people know what they’re looking for and can find it easily


UMB CEC has a 211 Operator coming–another way of helping people access resources


Mark suggested a pop-up chat become available, and that Instagram is the best way to get the word out to partners



Education Committee is holding a special meeting to introduce young people to the work of the SWP tomorrow February 4th


Fundraising Committee has been rebooting–going to be have a first fundraising committee within the next 30 days.

Scott–Care A Lot program pays neighborhoods to take care of vacant lots, Scott sees it as a workforce opportunity. Lisa brought up the Bon Secours Clean adn Green team and Lou brought up the Habitat Green Team.

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