Public Safety Committee

Southwest Partnership

February 26, 2020




Attendees: Laura Dykes, Cpl. JR Jones, JR Lee, Noble Baier, Howard Hughes, Sgt Welton Simpson Jr.


Approval of November minutes

  • Laura first to approve, second Officer JR Jones

Old Business

  • Review of Goal Evaluation Committee Activities 
    • Boarding added
    • Several activities added for potential public events with public interaction
      • First Responders Row idea during SOWEBO Fest
    • Noble mentioned solar porch lights for residents
  • Lighting survey – submitted to Poe Homes Grant, and was ranked highly but didn’t make cut
  • Alley Gates – general update on status of gates

New Business

  • EXPLORE program for 9-12 grades who want to be police  → 18-21 year olds for Cadet program at $30k starting salary
  • Public Safety around development projects 
    • Boarding pilot for mesh wiring – Tony to send potential addresses
  • BRNI/CORE FY2021 – to discuss at March meeting


  • Laura first, Howard second
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