Commercial Development Committee

Southwest Partnership

February 25, 2020




  • Attendees: Eugene Balbierz, Jane Buccheri, Nikky Davis, Alisa Rhone-Simmons, Frieda Ulman, Kenneth Watson, Roger Wood, Zenzele Uzoma, Tony Scott

Approval of October Minutes  – Nikky first, Jane second

Performance Evaluation Update – Activity Review

  • Tony reviewed evaluation metrics determined in October for feedback or correction
  • Under “Thriving Commercial Spaces” 
    • Committee suggested finding way to measure touchpoints leading up to opening of business and ongoing touchpoints with existing business. 
    • Added Tours by Chairman/Staff under existing activities related to this indicator
    • # of SW-branded events: added Business After Dark event – Nikky/Zen
    • # of destination businesses: added Head House Renovation and Malachi Mills as existing activities
    • Added Bill Freeman as Committee Lead for “# of technical assistance meetings with businesses.”
    • # of youth participating in business internships – interested committee members: Nikky/Alisa/Kenneth 
    • # of educational seminars, workshops for business community – Business Resource Day – Nikky/Bill 

Subcommittee Updates

  • West Baltimore St – update provided by Kenneth regarding next meeting
  • Facade – update from Tony on 1515 W Baltimore
    • all facade has been framed and beginning on bricking

Project Updates

  • Littlepage’s Furniture Store – SWP is expected to move in by end of March
  • 1500 W Baltimore St – Tony provided update on projects occurring on 1500 block
    • 1505-1507 has new roof, and working on demo of rear
    • 1514-1516 receiving VRI FIG from BDC
    • 1515 mentioned under Facade update
  • Lord Baltimore – Tony mentioned Visioning Day coming up on Friday, February 29 at BioPark (10-1:30pm)

Old Business

  • 1100 block W Baltimore demolition update – Estimated Summer 2020 demolition by City

New Business

  • West Baltimore St Manager Position – Now hiring, please spread word
  • BRNI/CORE – please begin brainstorming and sharing. Will discuss at March meeting


  • Kenneth first, Nikky second


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