Colleen Moore

 Kevin Gallaher

Laura Dykes

Howard Hughes

Elizabeth Weber

Richard Parker


Police Updates

No report–all of the updates/data/statistics are down for this month


Project Updates

–String lights updated registration will be on the website tomorrow and will be sent out 

–311 reports submit 311 reports–Bayard St for trash and grass cut, Stricker and Lombard, follow up next week. If anyone has 311 tickets please send to (Howard), will try to follow up with the appropriate department and with the call

–increase in needles in the area–talking to MoHs, and try to get more/additional sharps boxes


Next Steps for Committee

Would like to get the word out a bit–small committee but should be a bigger one and have one more engagement–need people to submit information about public safety–if community members are concerned about being anonymous can call Crime Stoppers. There are a number of resources available that people can be shared with


Laura–suggests a communications campaign for all the committees?

Colleen–quarterly in person meeting?

October in person meeting–


Another bike rodeo?



HABC has received the demolition/disposition certificate from HUD


Safety plan for site post demolition? Will be bolting the buildings (cement or the metal doors) of the vacants. Going to move people building by building, will continue to have security on site.

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