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Public Safety Updates

Southern and Southwestern Districts will be adding four officer bike units for Washington Blvd and W Baltimore St and the bridge area. There hasn’t been any major upticks in any of the major crime categories for either districts. There have been an increase in calls related to the dirt bikes and people going into the homes. There is a citation list that has been issued related to dirt bikes–if a minor is caught on a dirt bike citations will be issued to parents, resulting in fines up to $1000. 311 calls have been mostly trash related. Howard has sent out information related to clear boarding and funding opportunities for the neighborhoods. 


HRNA has had a community walk with the Department of Health to identify locations for needle drops. Will share information with other neighborhoods.


Project Updates

Community Health and Safety grants have been submitted.


May Meeting

Would like to hold the May meeting in person at the SWP offices in order to plan community safety walks (May 22nd). 



Success has been seen with the alley gating in deterring needle debris, there is also a need for maintenance for alley gates long term. 


Need for traffic calming/a safe school crossing across W Baltimore St at Amity St


Movewell this Saturday at Carroll Park, Black People Ride Bikes is organizing a bike ride from Carroll Park through the Gwynns Falls Trail, Carroll Park Athletics is organizing sports activities. 


UMB CEC will be holding a tablet giveaway next month–still looking for volunteers.

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