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Guest Speaker: Jane Mayrer, History of St. Luke’s 

The guest speaker gave a comprehensive history and historical overview of the church. This was recorded and she will also be sending a copy of her other works and presentations to Carrie.

2023 BRNI/CORE Applications – rank priorities according to SWP Vision Plan

Carrie described the BRNI application process and how it’s evaluated to the committee members. Carrie shared a screenshot of the various applications status along with an update of what is already done and what is intended to be done in the future. Combined capital program for anything within our footprint that will tailor their application to exactly what they need – this is a type of one stop shop instead of having multiple applications.

CORE funding applications for the various properties that the partnership already owns.

A BRNI poll was conducted and Commercial Improvement came up tops with 80% of the votes.

Old Business

  • CHAP Update 

Sonia mentioned that the hearing is tomorrow at 12:45pm. You can submit a testimony in the form of a letter if you cannot be there in person. Carrie noted that both herself and Tony are going to be there in person.

No updates available

  • Lord Baltimore Theater

No updates available

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