Lou Packett

Richard Parker

Elizabeth Weber

Diana Geis

Laura Dykes

Scott Kashnow

Patty Hogan

Khandra Sears

Bill Marker

Possible Projects for Funding

-stipend/scholarship for area residents interested in quality job training programs

-Committee is generally supportive

-program to provide funding for young people to be employed at area businesses

-Youthworks could be a good first step for businesses interested in having a young person involved

-Scott suggested connecting with Community Colleges, Americorps/Public Allies, Baltimore Corps

-Committee is generally supportive

-area-wide wifi network–there are models out there in the are for limited use community wifi network 

-Lou suggested talking to Comcast and Lifebridge/the West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation about the RISE Program

-Committee is supportive


Project Updates

Outreach: working on update existing outreach guide and making it more attractive. Should be done in the next couple of weeks



Committee expressed interest in planning for having advocacy training for community members through the year to be ready for the next legislative session. Best bet seems to be to reach out to JOTF. Is this something we want to get started? Yes. 


Committee will start with reaching out to JOTF for first steps on starting training. Other organizations could be Associated Black Charities, BUILD, and the Leadership Foundation, Strong City Baltimore, Strong Schools Maryland. 


BRNI/CORE Projects For Workforce Development

Every year SWP applies for capital grants from the state for projects. This is our major source of capital funding. The SAFE Foundation has asked that the SWP submit an application on their behalf that would fund acquiring houses for their workforce development program.


Don’t know where the houses would be (in the SWP area or not) or how much funding they would need. 


Committee is supportive, but wants to make sure that the houses would be in the SWP area. Elizabeth will connect Van with Tony and Carrie to develop the proposal. 


Scott suggested looking at deconstruction as a workforce development program–Lou suggested connecting with Second Chance and Habitat for Humanity. 



The Southwest Sports and Fitness Alliance (SFA) has a full-time summer VISTA position available again. 

Do you know anyone who may be interested ? I’m on a very fast timeline and need to complete the interview and hiring process by May 14th so time is of the essence. 

The successful applicant must be at least 18 years old (there is no upper age limit), should have Baltimore City residency and 21223 address preferred. Also, looking for applicants with good verbal and written communication skills,  as much if not all of the work is expected to be done remotely on-line or over the phone. Proficiency with Microsoft Office required. Laptop computer and Internet access provided as needed. I’d also prefer to hire someone with a reference point to organized sports either as a player, coach, parent, camp counselor, etc.    


Specific duties include assisting in the development of the SFA data base and conducting a membership drive, foundation research, social media postings, possibly assisting coaches with outdoor activities and tracking progress in each area.  Vista members receive a $2,760 total living allowance stipend paid bi-weekly, a $311 cash award at the end of the program or a $1,341 educational benefit and other personal allowances/benefits. Someone who is a self-starter and works well independently would be ideal. 


Summer VISTAs will play a powerful role in helping to assist communities and nonprofits to ensure youth are supported. they’ll gain skills through professional development, interact with numerous passionate individuals, and positively impact the sports-based youth development movement.


Let me know ASAP if you have someone in mind or have them contact me at:  or call 443-386-0651    

For additional information about SFA:    


Listening Campaign: tomorrow night at 5pm kick off meeting.


Elizabeth will send out a poll on possibly changing the day of the meeting (swapping with the Education Committee meeting). 

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