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Community School Update

From City Schools: City Schools is inviting the Southwest Partnership to join with the communities in South East Baltimore to invite community members to join a discussion about the importance and historical significance of school names. The date would be May 24, 5:30 -7:30. Should school names honor the students and communities they serve? Can we say every school name does that today? JWe are asking you to support City schools and invite and encourage other to join us in a conversation to address this. Baltimore City Schools is embarking on a new initiative to engage students and the community in conversations about school facility names.  We are seeking feedback on how to align the School Naming policy with City Schools Equity policy as we believe school names should honor the students and communities they serve. As a part of this initiative, we are collecting and documenting stakeholder feedback and recommendations on the School Naming policy, standards and criteria. We are also hoping to build awareness and engagement around the names of Baltimore City Schools and to document the legacies of the people our schools are named for. We would like to invite you to encourage your community participate in this Zoom meeting discussion. Please let me know if you have any questions


Vivien Thomas: preparing for students to come back, usual issues with making sure that students and families have what they need. Trying to plan for summer to the best of their ability including summer school. Focusing on connecting students with resources to support focus on academics.

Committee discussed inequality in access and resources. 

Abigail suggested that the Committee keep an eye on the City’s effort to be a trauma informed city. 


Youth Engagement

The committee decided to move forward with the proposed internship plan: Interested Committee members will help develop the program over the next month. Elizabeth will reach out with next steps.



Listening Campaign: meeting for next steps April 8th 5-6:30


Committee wants to meet earlier on Wednesdays–need to coordinate  


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