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Approval of August Minutes 

Motion to approve Ms. Edith, seconded by Laura 

Guest Speakers: 

  • Mary Burkholder – BAE Urban Economics – Retail Study Presentation
    • did the survey ask what neighborhood people were from?
      • Only zip codes were captured,, 50% came from the two primary zip codes in SWP
    • Kurt: Hollins Market redevelopment will include a pop-up space for restaurant
    • What’s the next steps with this report?
  • Win Willis – Bull Development – 1307-1311 W. Baltimore St
    • Has Franklin Sq had a chance to weigh in on it?
      • Ms. Edith – likes it 
    • Ms. Sonia – what kind of businesses are you hoping to recruit?
      • Restaurants, vegan & seafood, 
    • Ms. Sonia – is the height permissible through zoning
      • Yes
    • Somaree: how many residential units? price point? demographic target?
      • 24, market rate units, no particular demographic @ $1,300  for 1 bed, $1,600 for 2 beds
    • Scott, are you using the whole lot to the back? does the building project beyond current buildings?
      • No, it does not protrude beyond current buildings, 
    • Ms. Sonia – is there going to be any amenity space?
      • simple ammenites, bike storage, roof top garden
    • Carrie, would you consider setting aside 10% of units for affordable
    • Rason, how soon will you be breaking ground
      • want to submit for our permit on Friday
    • Ashley from chat: Is underground parking an option? Also, for amenities potentially consider removing the café and replace with lounge, storage and gym. Allow the W. Baltimore corridor to support in providing food services to the residents

Election Reminder

Old Business

  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Meghan
  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Carrie
    • Scott; kids crossing the street after school at Baltimore & Amnity 
  • Capital Projects update – Carrie

New Business

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