Mira Appleby (Lifebridge Health/VSP)

Kristen Chapelle (Habicorps/Habitat for Humanity)

Regina Merritt (Lifebridge Health/West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation)

Merceditas Smith (Bon Secours Community Works)

Michael Franklin (UMMC/Midtown)

Monica Njoku (Lifebridge Health/VSP)

Jeffrey Thompson (10:12 Sports)

Ryan McGonigle (Volo Sports)

Adenike Akintolo (Baltimore City Schools)

Angela Jones (Lifebridge Health/VSP)

Brianna (Lifebridge Health/VSP)

Jon Law (Associated Black Charities)

Van Brooks (SAFE)

Resource Fair Planning

Have scheduled two resource fairs–November 23rd from 5-6:30pm, and December 14th from 5-6:30pm. Can only fit about 7-8 people at the resource fair. If you know that you prefer a day for recruiting let us know now. Can have two people per table


Intended to be ways for community members to find out about workforce services in general.


Lifebridge–would like to be scheduled for the November date

Bon Secours–will let us know–will have full spectrum of services

UMMC– either will work


Elizabeth will send up a sign lup link/information to providers next week. 

Will have attendees pre-register through eventbrite or another form, but will also take walk-ins. Will be promoted through CEC newsletter and SWP outreach channels. Will want to know what resources will be there so we can target recruitment and outreach.


If resource fairs are popular with community members could do it monthly moving forward.


Will provide:


–social media

–registration link


Anchor Program Survey

One of the reasons the workforce roundtable first began meeting was to facilitate the community referral program for West Baltimore residents which gives applications additional attention at West Baltimore anchor institutions (UMMC, UMB, St Agnes, UM Faculty Physicians, Medix Health). Open to and interested in having Lifebridge locations/Grace Medical as anchors but aren’t now.


Are changing the name of the program to the West Side Job Connection.


Has been three years since the program has been evaluated. Elizabeth will send evaluation back out to folks who are interested. Previous evaluation was referring/community partners and anchor partners. New evaluation will include those partners as well as people in the program. Hoping that in responding to the feedback and changing the name can raise the ability to serve people in the community. 


Updates and Announcements

SWP: Elizabeth provided an update on the SWP’s workforce programming while Rachel will be on leave.


VSP: doing massive intakes, opening up Northwest, Sinai, Grace in order to get folks coming through VSP into paid employment. Have a youth focused program gearing up, if you know of anyone interested in health care at an entry level please send them over.


Habicorps: looking for an instructor, will send out the job description. Requirements are very specific due to the nature of the work, finding it very difficult to get any potential applicants. 


West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation: provide two sets of grants– small neighborhood grants for neighborhoods in 21223 and 21217 for community events up to $1500. Program grants are for programs that have substantial programming. No limit on the amount of funding that can be requested. Most requests are in the five and low six figures. For programs in 21223, 21217, 21216, and parts of 21229 Longer process–aim to start a program 3-4 months after applying. 


UMMC: Wants to thank everyone who referred folks to register for upcoming hiring event on Monday–looking pretty promising in terms of turnout. November 6th having an expungement fair at the UMB CEC–currently about 20 slots open.

Bon Secours–community events on October 29th, recruiting for an upcoming training. 


10:12–actively preparing for fundraising banquet tomorrow–both in person and virtually. Have a lot of information from young men in the program about career areas that they are interested in–will be reaching out to partners in areas of interest.


ABC: ABC’s Workforce & Racial Equity Community of Practice is holding our next session next Friday, October 22nd. Register here:

The community of practice is a learning community for practitioners to learn about racial equity in the field. Will be resetting/level setting for the learning community


Baltimore City Schools: one of the goals is to keep students excited about being engaged in college and career readiness–working with community partners on keeping kids engaged in college and career work–having a number of events will share.


Having a work readiness course for seniors which includes a (hopefully paid) internship in the spring of 2022.


Volo Sports: Adult social sports company. Looking for part time staff–constantly looking for hosts (5:30-7:30/10:30pm) welcoming players to the fields. Also have sports management internships. Also have referee positions available. Have a charitable branch that provides free sports leagues in Carroll Park. to job opportunities 


SAFE: still working on opening the youth center, still dealing with permits–need to get a survey completed which will be completed next week and hopefully that will be the end. Do have a team of contractors built who will be able to come in. Will be starting the accreditation process early next year so that participants can graduate with certifications in the construction industry. Also hiring:


UMB: had two open houses/information sessions recently–Fabpro technology and Maryland CASH Campaign 

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