Scott, Laura, Kimberly, Charles, Nicole, Jasmine, Sonia, Mildred, Cecilia, Nate, Zion Eaddy, Eric Ronald, Pastor White, Shelley & Tonika (Black Women Build), Curtis

Preservation Committee Meeting 9/12/22 – at Allen AME


  1. Meet Shelley/ Tonika –    
    1. They can’t do anything until the CHAP district is established because that is prerequisite to them being able to secure funding to begin (update: Sarah Ann on planning dept. hearing on Oct. 13 at 1pm)
    2. They have already paid the developer for the properties
    3. Expect to start construction – end of the year
    4. They help people get financing 
    5. It would be great to meet the people that were previous residents.
    6. Sonia asked – How can we help?
      1. Any money from the City that we have influence over the Mayor to award would be very helpful.
      2. Get the process to purchase started for homeowners
      3. 1124 is a vacant lot at the end of the Sarah Ann Street row. What should we do with it?
        1. Perhaps a living museum – or community clubhouse space or center for homeownership assistance
  2. CHAP Hearing
    1. Eric discussed the CHAP process and upcoming hearing 9/13
    2. Can districts be expanded? Yes
    3. Tax Credits – The district needs to be established before tax credits can be used
    4. They are preparing the bill for City Council – expecting that the vote at the CHAP hearing will be in favor of moving forward (it was in unanimous support)
    5. If so, they hope to introduce the Bill Monday (it was introduced – Oct. 13 hearing)
    6. Department of Planning meeting will be in 3-4 weeks (Oct. 13) and then a City Council hearing
    7. Shelley asked: What about the paint? It will probably be OK.
    8. The CHAP hearing tomorrow is mostly about the paperwork – making sure that CHAP staff have prepared everything and it’s ready to move forwards to the City Council. – short testimony in support would be helpful (Sonia, Nicole, Cecilia, Scott, and Johns – Baltimore Heritage – showed up in support)
    9. Scott asked Shelley about the schedule of construction – Would you do all the houses at the same time or one at a time?
      1. Probably first get them all dried in – and then go back and finish one at a time.
  3. Baltimore Heritage Grant Application
    1. Is offering a small grant of $500 if we would like to apply for something.
    2. Need to look for more grant funding to support the project, especially 1124 space
  4. Highway to Nowhere – RCP 
    1. Scott mentioned the Reconnecting Communities Pilot grant that the federal government is offering to local governments – The City plans to apply and there have been several community members from all around the US40 highway (AKA the highway to nowhere) meeting to ensure that the community voice is heard by the City and that the City fully engages with the neighborhoods.
  5. Nicole – mentioned the BMore Historic Unconference will take place on 9/23 8:30am at the BMI – $15 includes breakfast and lunch → the conference went well. Sonia Eaddy and Betty Bland-Thomas did a session on Preservation for the People and connected with preservation efforts in Black neighborhoods across the region – Hoes Heights and East Towson
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