Southwest Partnership

Education and Workforce Development Committee Meeting

September 1 2016


1138 Hollins St 2nd Floor



Lisa Rawlings

Jane Buccheri

Dotie Page

Lou Packett

Elizabeth Weber

Emily Ames-Messinger

Michael Dorsey


  1. Carroll Park Baseball Project (Michael Dorsey)

Michael, Elizabeth, and Jason Scott are trying to develop a structure around returning Little League baseball to Carroll Park. Currently trying to develop institutional partners to be the source of volunteers and students. Started having conversations with Rec and Parks to identify what’s happening and what needs to happen next. There is a lot of support in the City for high school baseball, not a lot for Little League baseball. Next step is to create a league that’s ages 9-13. League for 8 teams, have the support and partnership of Rec and Parks and know about the availability of the fields. There are four baseball fields and the fields are not in good shape. Will cost about $2500 in dirt to get the fields ready to go.


First steps are restoring the fields in Carroll Park. Rec and Parks puts money into parks and fields that are being used, and so having Carroll Park more utilized will result in more resources being invested in the park.


Transportation will be an issue, and the teams will be open to girls as well as boys.


The Committee is in favor of the projects and will provide support and connections to area schools as requested.


Initial outreach has been made to area schools and free baseball clinics will be held to attract kids who might be interested.


The group will keep updates coming and Elizabeth can share Michael’s and Jason’s contact information.


  1. 2015-2016 Goals Review: See the attached summary of the Committee’s progress towards its 2016 goals.


Lisa–at this point, not sure what else we can do with afterschool and summer programming. We aren’t the best organization to apply for funding for summer and afterschool programs–we attempted to add capacity to the organizations in the neighborhood, but funders wanted to fund the programs themselves. We need to move to building and strengthening the systems in the neighborhood so that we can bring in these programs.


One of the original goals of the Committee at the beginning of the planning process. was to have every school be a community school–have had mixed success during the past two years


  1. Priority Setting for 2016-2017 and Community Schools Update

Lisa: in her view, biggest impact will come with all of the schools in the SWP area are community schools. Jane wants to look at latest test schools for the schools to see where they are strong and weak and where to put in resources. Lisa generally pulls fifth grade math, science, and reading. We can share third and fifth data.


Community Schools allow us to leverage resources and exponentially increases the effort of the Committee. Lisa is proposing that this is a key priority this year as well. Lou has connected the Committee with LeaderComm, which has 50 years of experience, and wants to use their experience to have every school be a community school.


James McHenry is a Community School, Southwest Baltimore Charter School is a quasi-community school, and SWCOS is in conversation with George Washington.

Lisa’s goal is to add Franklin Square and Steuart Hill as community schools. They have the biggest need, we have good relationships, and they are familiar with the community school model.


Not sure where the funding is coming from–this goal is starting the process of finding it, and part of the process is organizing community members to advocate for schools and funding.


Lisa wants to work on organizing around community schools in the area and focusing on those two schools.


Lisa asked for a vote to agree that the priority for 2016-2017 school year is organizing around community schools with a focus on Franklin Square and Steuart Hill. All attendees are in favor


LeaderComm Training: after the training Elizabeth and Lisa have met with Paula Byrd from the Association of Community, Teachers, and Schools as well as the Franklin Square Neighborhood Association, Union Square Neighborhood Association, and JR Lee. They are all interested in pursuing the community school model but need more information. We are scheduling a tour at Arlington Elementary/Middle School which is a well established community school.


Also did follow up conference call with LeaderComm they will review the steps and strategy. When we receive the steps we will have another meeting on next steps.


Jane asked about the status of parent engagement in the schools. There isn’t a lot of parent engagement and we are confident we can implement these programs and the parent engagement will rise.


Dotie is interested in attending the tour at Arlington.


Announcements, Project Updates, and New Business

Two small tasks need to be finished at James McHenry, Steuart Hill is also almost done.  Lou is starting a conversation with Ms Patton at Franklin Square about another service day.

Lou’s next project is to paint the floor in the auditorium at James McHenry over winter break. Lou wants to get community members from other neighborhoods at the meeting.


Emily: Back to School Night at James McHenry is September 13th from 3-5pm. It will also be a resource fair.


James McHenry has been starting to do a uniform bank, and is starting to do a model based on loaner uniforms so that every student is in a uniform every day. Looking for community members interested in doing the laundry. Jane suggested going to the neighborhood associations and asking community members to donate a uniform. Dotie will see if kids on her block who previously went to James McHenry had uniforms to donate.


Southwest Partnership Education and Workforce Development Committee

2016 Goal: Ensure that all students have access to quality and enriching out of school time programming.




  • Met with Maryland Out of School Time Network and attended conference to connect with vendors
  • Met with vendors interested in connecting with SWP area schools and connected them with individual schools
  • Developed and implemented YouthWorks program, which included digital badging and community projects, with UMB Office of Community Engagement
    • 13 students participated in program, one applied for and received a digital badge in web design
  • Worked with James McHenry on Bicycle Club for after school and applied for funding from Morgan State University Ascend Program
    • Did not receive funding
  • Worked with area summer program providers to develop Southwest Summer Enrichment Program and applied for funding through the Summer Funding Collaborative
    • Did not receive funding
  • Working with CCYD and community members on youth baseball in Carroll Park, planning on applying for Major League Baseball
  • Met with schools to determine after school needs, with an eye to funding from the 873 Building Community Benefits Agreement
    • Money from CBA won’t be available until building breaks ground


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