Lisa Rawlings

Melissa Pitts

Roger Wood

Tjwana Dixon

Elizabeth Weber

Laura Dykes

Patty Hogan

Richard Parker

Sonia Eaddy

Rachel Godrich

Diana Geis

Scott Kashnow

Paulette Carroll

Liberty Henderson

Patrice Bryan


Committee approved last month’s minutes


Research on Topics of Interest from Last Meeting

Richard has had a good amount of interest from folks at Abell, Baltimore Community Foundation, who had found some of the ideas that came up in the meeting  interesting, and wanted Richard to take certain steps on where to proceed to implement the ideas that came up at the last meeting.


Lisa– had planned for Out for Justice and JOTF on doing some advocacy training, haven’t heard back. Caryn had been out for the month of September and haven’t heard back on scheduling the advocacy training.


Committee Elections– Committee elections will be in November, the first Thursday of the month at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to run for Chair, and everyone who has attended three meetings in the past 12 months be eligible to vote. 


Lisa–haven’t been getting many people at workforce Wednesdays or workforce events and wondering what the reasons might be. Richard–do they know why they were getting a high turn out? It was just because they had been doing stuff so long and so regularly, but after the pandemic they have been forgotten about. The new space may also be an issue. Have been publicizing via newsletter, social media. Elizabeth will share the neighborhood association contact information with Lisa to send out via the CEC newsletter. Childcare is a big issue–Scott suggested the Maryland Family Network-


Laura: doesn’t one of the relief bills have childcare funding in it? It may–but focused on families not capacity


There are real systemic issues with childcare nationally. Scott might be something worth looking into in terms of the childcare space regulations.


Rachel will be out on maternity leave around late November–will not be accepting new clients while she is out but will refer out to other partners.


Meeting adjourned. 

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