Commercial Development Meeting

Meeting Minutes October 27, 2015

Meeting Start Time 7:00 pm



  • Decide on Upcoming projects to tackle and plan for budget to tackle them


Review the various strategies and the activities of the Vision Plan for update.  

Strategy One “Create focused business “Clusters

Is there an inventory of the buildings that are habitable?  Look at Megan’s inventory and find spaces based on her inventory.  A Brooklyn bakery is moving to Baltimore and should contact SWP Exec Director and the person should also meet with John, the head of Resource and Development.  John his co-chair has a management placement and employment agency and is offering his services. His volunteer staff could help putting businesses and local space together for any upcoming company interested in moving in the SWP area.

Could the SWP website include some information about what companies should know what they should do when deciding to move to the neighborhoods.  The site is being reworked starting in November and should include such items.

Should we go after cluster?  This does not seem realistic.  Instead the goal should be to go after the missing businesses that are needed in the area.  These in coming business will strengthen business cluster. We should be able to offer some space for them to move in.  

  1. First step should be to have a database of businesses and availability of real estates including the state and the terms for retail rent.  
  2. Need to create an “All you need to know” on the website.  
  3. We need to gather the information of who wants to move in the area.  

Is there a process to stop a no good business?  Not at this time. At this time Brent is the one signing the zoning agreement.  Brent alerts the SWP of the business coming in by sending the information to the chair of the commercial development.  


Strategy Two “Maintain historic building character”

Daniel Rodenburg will be instrumental in the following actions

  • Implement historic building stabilization program to preserve valuable physical assets
  • Develop educational materials on historic preservation and development to distribute to property owners and tenants
  • Develop a facade improvement program to encourage owners to invest in their properties and improve the image of the area


Strategy Three “Increase commercial activity”

Need to really look at all SWP communities.  Ask each community to have a commercial committee to funnel info to this committee.  

The need is to make the SW commercial corridor a reason to make a destination.  All information and decision of the Commercial development committee should be brought to the communities. Someone from each community should have a commercial person attending the commercial development meeting and represent the community needs and disseminate the information to his or her community.

Strategy 4: Improve walkability”

Actions numbers 1, 3 and 4 should be moved to the Safe and Walkable committee.   

Commercial Development committee should develop the guideline for Baltimore street.  Pigtown will provide the main street document and send it to Stacy.


Committees Lead– Updates

Crime and Grime – No Update

Resource/Development No Update

Code Enforcement

Darren asked for another person to assist so the work can be done more efficiently.  He will receive the brochure created by Christina provided by the Pigtown representative.  


Next Meeting:  Invite Brent to the next meeting.


Update on Southwest Partnership – Stacy

TIFF was signed for 873.  Finance committee met and Bill Cole presented the TIFF which was approved 4 to 1 abstention.


Upcoming Meeting

Promotion committee is working to create celebration around roundhouse.  Would like to create a connection with Commercial Development. Pigtown suggested that we could contact shop and also  Great way to provide help like the one provided to Pigtown who will bring in pop up, DJs and takes place on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Korean commercial businesses was visited by Stacy with an interpreter.  Stacy is building relationship and is planning a Korean appreciation day.  Will put a resource fair at the urban business center on November 21st will be the day after 6:30.  Anyone willing to help create a program and welcome all of businesses should contact Stacy.


New Business

Southwest Works was created so that if businesses are offering workforce development they could send them to the SWP.  The organization also does job interview and education training.

Help is being provided for people who might lose the daycare feature of their benefits.

Americorp:  Two volunteers have been requested in 2016 to work directly with the SWP.  Several others have also been requested for planned work in the area.

Adjournment 8:45 pm


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