Calistian Thomas Hams Jane Buccheri Meghan Cardoso Nikky Davis Sih Oka-zek (Pigtown Climbs) Laura Dykes Bri’Anna Horne (Pigtown Climbs) Amanda Bill Freeman Ashley Watson Nicole Orr Serena Waters Curtis Eaddy Bif Browning Patricia Hogan

Guest Speaker: Sih Oka-Zeh, Executive Lead, Community Outreach and Engagement & Bri”Anna Horne, Founder of Pigtown Climbs

  • working to develop an MOU for low-cost rent for the two lots with owner

Baltimore Street Competition Update

Artist Directory

  • currently working on creating directory
  • please connect any artists you know with the committee

Old Business

  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Curtis
  • Mainstreet update – Curtis
  • Facade subcommittee update – Carrie
  • Commercial Capital Improvement Update – Carrie
  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda
  • ABC’s of Investing 

New Business


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