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Program Presentations

The Roundtable heard presentations from the recipients of the SWP Workforce Development Action Grants.


10:12 Sports 

Organization is five years old, uses sports as a platform job training for young men in West Baltimore. Work with 200 young men–each season they have about 10 teams representing a local community with the support and mentorship of a local church/leadership. Focus on the mentoring relationship with the coach. Program designs comes as a response to need and request from the teenagers in the program. Workforce development have a cohort of 20-25 young people, applying through a job application, go through a training program, and have work assignments to help run the league each season. Have had multiple businesses and local organizations involved in hiring young men–last year 87% of job training participants were hired. Will use the grant to bring more employers into the program and expand services. Implementing the proposal right now.


Recruit young people through word of mouth based on core group of participants.


Safe Alternatives Foundation for Education

Run programs for young people through the Safe Center in Franklin Square, out of school time programming and summer camps. Working on opening a workforce development center to expand programming and provide vocational training to young people as well as young adults. Main goal is to create a pipeline for middle schoolers to enter the trades if that is something that they are interested in, and will also be providing the soft skills that will be needed. Will work with 10 partners, and goal is to be open by the end of January and begin running programming in 2021, with the enter center open by July.


Looking to address barriers of transportation, access to quality education, and access to quality jobs. All employer partners are committed to ensuring that participants have access to the job sites.


Adenike–BCPS interested in working with SAFE on connecting students with construction and vocational work sites.


University of Maryland Medical Center

Will be providing skills training to SWP area residents. 

Microsoft skills training–take someone with no technology background and bring them up to the level of a business professional. Lack of digital skills puts applicants at a disadvantage in the job market. A credential will be produced as a result of completing the program. 

Also will be providing healthcare career training and occupational skills in patient care tech, pharm tech, multi skilled tech

Also providing legal aid and financial literacy. Are actively recruiting community members for the digital skills training. Tech support is offered and the program is geared towards a fifth grade literacy level. 



NPower is launching a senior pipeline project with Baltimore City Public Schools. Have morning and afternoon sessions and session would in June. Will set up a meeting with Adenike


St Agnes had a very successful hiring event (virtually) with UMB and Southwest Works


Associated Black Charities has been holding an SOS Webinar Series on ways Covid-19 and Racial Equity have intersected–are holding one on December 3rd on youth employment from 12-1:30 pm.

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