Jane Buccheri 

Elizabeth Weber

Jane Mayrer

Camille Givens Patterson

Edith Gilliard Canty

Felecia McCray

Laura Dykes

Dotie Page

Sierra Jackson

Ceporah Womack-Norris

Community School Update

Coordinators are still actively serving families and school communities–are working on calling families and getting food and resources to families in need and supporting laptop distribution. Engagement in online learning has been going down, even though more students now have access to the technology. Are hearing some feedback from families that they are feeling overwhelmed with the distance learning.


Food continues to be a major need, but encouraging that families will have access to EBT cards with food resources (every family in City Schools). 


Jane: with the new EBT cards will food distribution stop from schools? No, but transportation will be more than an issue.


Abigail: City Schools is playing a large role in coordinating food distribution, but there are still needs, especially in terms of additional sites and coordination of all the resources 


There is still a need for access to technology, although prinicpals do expect another wave of laptop/technology distribution.


Camille: How do they decide which schools on what in terms of laptops and other resources? Felecia: do not have all the answers–the district did do a survey, but there were still families who reported need after the survey, and gaps in what the principals have to provide to families.


Abigail: school is still in session, there are guidelines for teachers, classwork is not being graded and the district is providing socio-emotional learning guidelines for teachers to provide to students. There is also a need for compensatory services for special education services.


Jane: BioPark is providing additional laptops for James McHenry, so there should not be a need there.


Laura: What is going to happen in the fall? Are they going to give back the computers and then re-distribute them if the schools need to close again?


Ceporah: At Lockerman Bundy there is a need for grief counseling. There are parents who are in need of computers who also didn’t come to collect the computers. Food is not so much of a concern–parents are accessing community resources on where to acquire food.


Pigtown Food Update

In need of volunteers to deliver food to families at Pigtown schools once per month. An announcement will be made shortly with more details, but please let Elizabeth know if you are interested. The project is being coordinated by Elv8 and funded by the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership.


SWP Update on Covid-19 Response

SWP is focusing on outreach-sending out a weekly newsletter with resources and information–need support sharing this newsletter with community members who are not already connected with us. Also doing outreach through Community Schools program and Workforce Development program and W. Baltimore St/Commercial Development program. Also a need to know what community members need, which is challenging in a remote environment.


What Gaps Does the Committee See? What Should the SWP Be Working On

Abigail: Education Committee one of the only Committees not focused on economic issues–if there is a way to redirect SWP resources or tap committees to support what the SWP is doing this is a Committee that could begin that process.


Ceporah: District is requiring schools to make contacts with parents and ask if they need other resources. Ceporah doesn’t mind sharing that information with the SWP.


Phone tree might be a great place to start finding out that information

-Abigail is willing to make those calls, Ms Edith can make the calls, Jane Mayrer, Jane Buccheri also willing to make calls, Dotie Page, Camille and Kristine would also be interested

-Abigail would also like the neighborhood associations to call everyone on their member list


Elizabeth will send a list to the committee with the script and the ask and will assign interested people calls

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