Howard Hughes

Laura Dykes

Kevin Gallaher

Colleen Moore

Officer Heyward (Southwestern District) 

Danielle Harris

Thomas Hams

Meghan Cardoso

Police Updates

Starting on July 9th almost 90% of the SWP neighborhoods will be in the Southwestern District. Maps will be available to the public. Neighborhood services division addresses nuisance vacant homes, shrubbery that needs to be cut, abandoned cars–also connects people with resources. Captain also has good resources for folks in need. Use a model where they respond to an area to see what’s causing the problem, develop a solution, implement the solution, and then do a follow up. Try to work very closely with neighborhood presidents, hospitals, churches

Try to throw movie nights for kids during the summer (food and games) as well as resource fairs for folks experiencing addiction. August 1st participate in National Night Out to hold events in their community. Ofc. Heyward should be the first point of contact for community needs. 443-938-0493 (Neighborhood Coordination Officer)


Colleen: Grace sometimes has a mobile health van available and have clinical folks who are able to teach Start the Bleed training and Narcan training


Howard–understands that SWP neighborhoods are on the edge of the new district but don’t want to be forgotten–want to build more connections for positive interactions with the police


Laura asked about questions to reduce fireworks? Not at the moment


SW CRC meetings in person and in zoom


Low level offenses (loitering, drinking in public etc) will now be citable, but to cite people need to have ID so trying to figure out what to do with people don’t have ID (don’t think they are going to arrest)–can run information that’s given and if its valid can cite even without id 

Laura asked about the policy on marajuana use with recreational marajuana being legalized July 1st–still illegal to be under the influence while operating a motor vehicle–21+ may use and possess a personal amount of cannabis legally, under 21+ still illegal, can’t stop a car based on smell or suspicion. Personal amounts that are legal are 1.5oz, 12 grams, 750 ml or less of products, 1 or 2 cannabis plants. Can’t just smoke on the street, have to be private 


Institution Updates

Grace has a two pronged approach to responding to violence–domestic and community violence. Franklin Square Safe Streets site will be at the West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation building on Baltimore St as well


UMB–will be having a National Night Out Event on August 1st with the PAL (Police Athletic League) program and looking at recruitment. Ages for PAL program are grades 3-7


Transform Poe: waiting for HUD disposition to allow for relocation to begin demolition, not sure when that will be but should be any day now. Howard asked about the schedule for demolition–not sure yet. Laura asked about the security plan–plan is currently being worked on. Have learned some lessons from the Perkins-Somerst-Oldtown project. Lessons are to get everything secured right away, moving in sections. Laura–how will they take care of the people who will be living next to the demolition site? One of the things they’re looking at, how to structure things so that there’s as small an impact as possible. 


Project Updates

–reminder: Grants for string lighting available–reach out if interested and can help folks figure out what they need. Need permission from everyone who will have the lights attached to their house and someone to do the installation identified. 


–City has a grant program for improvements to vacant lots that advance neighborhood safety–happy to work with community members who would be interested in applying.


August 1 is National Night Out-many events in the area–connect with SWP if you’d like to be connected to them


Howard asked for folks to send 311 reports for illegal dumping 

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