Diana Geis

Lisa Rawlings

Richard Parker

Elizabeth Weber

Lou Packett

Tjwana Dixon

Rachel Goodrich

Jeff Johnson

Laura Dykes

Ivan Leshinsky

Bill Marker

Project Updates

  1. Marketing: Elizabeth, Rachel, and Richard met with Rodney Nesbitt, the SWP’s new marketing manager to discuss the Committee’s marketing goals. Rodney has begun posting only workforce development content on Wednesdays–if anyone has any content that they would like posted for a week please send to Rodney and Rachel by Tuesday morning at the latest. Rodney suggested having a section of the website that would serve as a repository for workforce development resources–and which could be linked to via QR code on printed materials. The website update, which will include this, will be done by the end of the month. Once the website is updated Rodney will draft paper material to share with the Committee. One thing that would be helpful for Rodney would be to have a count from the Committee of the number and types of paper collateral that the Committee would need for a year–this will help with budgeting.
    1. Lisa suggested 500
  2. Advocacy: Elizabeth has connected with Associated Black Charities–they offer training on analyzing policy. JOTF has been recommended as the organization that provides the best advocacy training. Lisa has spoken to JOTF and they are excited to work with us and would be happy to provide training. Elizabeth will meet with ABC to talk about their policy education work, and Lisa will connect with JOTF to move forward with the advocacy training. There will be a Civics 101 training June 29th at 6pm offered by Councilman Burnett’s office in partnership with Councilwoman Porter and Councilman Bullock.


NPower is currently accepting trainees for a new cohort starting in the fall, currently hiring for an alumni placement specialist.


Commercial Development Committee is putting together an entrepreneurship conference, a planning meeting is on Monday if anyone is interested in attending. Will be August 22nd and targeting entrepreneurs and getting them to move to the area.


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