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Community School Updates

SBCS: preparing for summer programs–dance, Young Audiences, and Freedom Schools, as well as one on one tutoring. Preparing for eight grade graduation on Friday


James McHenry: upcoming summer camp–Young Audiences of Maryland Summer Lit program, Springboard program for students who have lost literacy skills. Springboard program will meet students at their current reading level to bring them up. Also have Ingenuity summer camp. Also have a skateboarding program with the ChillFoundation for Middle School students. Gearing up for closing ceremonies. Also have a partner coming in for a book giveaway 9-12 on June 14th.


Also have a food pantry that will operate throughout the summer. Second Monday of the month between 1:30 and 3:30pm.


Currently working on Community Schools Needs Assessment. Elizabeth will send out the link to the Committee. Also willing to share the data with the Committee as a whole. 


James McHenry selected for a Kaboom Playground which will be for any child in Southwest Baltimore–will focus on the early learning playground. 


Patrice suggested being aware of security. 


Jeff Johnson/SWP: SWP CSCs are preparing for the end of the year activities and graduation. Steuart Hill held an open house for pre-K and kindergarten classes, working on establishing partnerships with various organizations–Paul’s Place, Mount Clare Community Council, and other partners to focus on increasing enrollment at Steuart Hill. Current working through a partnership with the Towson student athletes who would provide tutoring and recreational activities with students. Charles Carroll Barrister recently had a food giveaway. Jeff currently working towards meeting with principals at the three schools–focusing on family engagement, student enrollment, and connecting with Spanish speaking families. Also met with Young Audiences to explore bringing in program to one of the SWP’s Community Schools. Jeff gave a shout out and thanks to Heidi who has been a big support in his new role. 


Dotie asked for flyers for programs to pass out in the community. Shareen and Heidi will connect with Dotie who will pick up flyers at the schools.


Project Updates

Youth Engagement: submitted application to BCF, didn’t need additional logistical information. Will be reaching out to the youth engagement subcommittee this month to talk through more logistics and will continue to apply for funding as opportunities come up. 


Chess: only one chess initiative–Mark is handling the logistics. 

There will be a Hollins Roundhouse summer of fun with a movie night, drum lessons, and painting lessons. Have 8 volunteers, looking to do the first cohort of students to register the week of July 5th. Second cohort will be the week of August 2nd. Have 4 solid volunteers for the first cohort. Number of volunteers will depend on number of students registered. Elizabeth can send out information to neighborhood associations to help recruit volunteers if Mark can send language. 


Jeff: is there a flyer or information that can be sent to students in order to recruit students to participate. Committee discussed the need for the flyer and details of the flyer.The Committee discussed recruitment. Lou would like the coordinates at each school to nominate students who might not have the opportunity to be involved in activities like this. Ms Dotie suggested using YouTube to recruit students


Racial Equity: SWP Board is undertaking racial equity work largely at the urging of the Education Committee. Board has selected a facilitator who are in the process of figuring out what the process of doing this work with the SWP will be. 


Fundraising Discussion: 

A need for an organized way for schools to ask for and receive donations and for community members to directly support schools has been discussed. 


Each school has their own way of raising funding, and discussions have been had at a larger scale about how to organize area-wide fundraising efforts. Have to be careful as a Committee not to 


In the past the SWP did have a small grant fund for schools–more information is available here:


The committee discussed the goals of the program and reviewed an outline draft here:


Laura suggested a fund that would be evenly distributed between schools at the end of the year. Jane asked what kinds of needs schools have–transportation, clubs, washer dryers, incentives for students, supplies for graduation. A lot of schools have existing partnerships–some can be shared and some are individual for each school.


Lou: part of the fundraising committee’s continuing effort will be to bring resources from the community into the schools, but they are also working on a fundraising campaign to support the entirety of the work of the Southwest Partnership that will involve making a request of community members in the SWP area. 


Heidi/Patrice/Cynthia: be sure to have requirements on the type of eligible expenses as well as a tracking form. 



  1. Revive small grants program
  2. Have a fund to support immediate needs on a first come first serve basis
  3. Have a fund of money that is evenly distributed to schools based on what they need
  4. Have a larger fundraising initiative that supports large-scale programs that would include school efforts. Abigail urged the CSCs to consider child and school centric uses of this level of funding that would be a use of this money


Lou: Education Committee should focus on bringing needs to the Fund Development Committee.


Abigail: thinks the Education Committee should be having conversations about how they would like to move forward with collecting funding for area schools. 


Laura made a motion to have an emergency fund that schools could get as well as an equally divided pot of funding. Ms Cynthia seconded the motion. 9 voted in favor of exploring the two funds, 0 against, 3 abstaining. Elizabeth and Abigail will meet to talk about our next steps. 


Cynthia: would partners in schools qualify? We’d have to figure that out



After school and summer school being offered by Child First

June 16th the CEC will be having a community dinner in observance of Juneteenth


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