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Community School Update

The School System and the Family League are still working out what will happen with the expansion of the community school model to many schools in the City

Schools who are deemed eligible based on a concentration of poverty of 80% or higher will receive funding for a full time healthcare professional and a community school coordinator. There has not yet been a determination about how the roll out will work in terms of which organizations the community school coordinators will work for.

What are the Committee’s priorities?

Ultimate priority will be for a local agency currently working in the area to be the lead agency

To ensure that all of the community school coordinators working in the area communicate

  1.       SWP will offer to be a lead agency for the schools in the area that are not community schools, and apply
  2.       SWP will work to ensure that schools in the area have a ‘local’/anchor lead agency and that there is collaboration across the community school coordinators in the area
  3.       Meet with the partner organizations who might be interested

Kristine made a motion that the SWP explore the ability to become a lead agency. Motion passed. One abstention

New Principals in the Area

Mr Roberts is the new Franklin Square principal. He was an assistant principal at City Springs and the principal at a charter school in Prince George’s County. Will try to attend the July meeting.

There is a new principal at Excel Academy, Eugenia Young. There was not notice to community partners that there was a principal. Committee would like to know why there wasn’t a clear community/staff/parent engagement process. Elizabeth will reach out to Demetria

Baltimore City Schools Transparency

More discussion next month

Committee Goals

Moving to next month

Racial Equity

Moving to next month


The July meeting will be moved to July 8th at 6pm at St Luke’s Church 217 N Carey St. Will send out the reminder to the Committee and update the website/social media.


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