JR Lee

Thomas Hams

Brad Silberzhan (JHU)

Monique Mitchell (Safe Streets Franklin Square, Love Now)

Howard Hughes

Laura Dykes

Bif Browning

David McGill

Patty Hogan

JHU Study (Brad)

Doing a study on overdoses, have an RV that will parked on Lombard. Very interested in learning about community perceptions of drug use and public safety.


Doing surveys with people who use drugs on overdose as well as how people navigate the drug market, especially with the increase of sedatives. 


Seeing an increase in overdoses over the past couple of years–not necessarily seeing a spike

  1. Map
  2. Draft Response Letter

Community Safety Grant


Committee reviewed the proposal for implementing the community safety grant process for spending the funds. 


Committee would like to see an assessment of the properties and a sample of the contractor’s work as well as specifications on the materials used in boarding


Bif suggested having the fire marshal review.


Police Redistricting

The Committee discussed proposed redistricting and will submit a comment requesting all seven SWP neighborhoods be in the same neighborhood. 


Public Safety Roundtable

Keep an eye out for catalytic converter thefts


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