JR Lee

Catherine Neely

Dan Rodenburg

Elizabeth Weber

Scott Kashnow

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review Letter to City Supporting Plastic Bag Bill

The Committee reviewed and edited the letter supporting the bill that will be presented to the board for approval.

  1. Finalize Fundraising Requests
    1. Supplies for community use

Current Requests

$75,000 for Carey St Underpass (lighting for Carey St Bridge)

$50,000 in less restricted Small Neighborhood Grants

$10,000 Clean Block Competitions

TBD for Streetscaping, Cleaning and Greening

$10,000 for community controlled landscaping equipment

$200,000 for area-wide maintenance program or hiring landscaping crew


  1. Organizing Community Dumpsters Between Adjacent Neighborhoods

Dan working with the neighborhood associations on coordinating their community dumpsters. Scott will figure out when Franklin Square will request their dumpsters and Dan will put together a shared calendar.

  1. Updates and Announcements

August 10th will be the 5th annual Union Square Crab Fest in Union Square Park


Jeff LaNoue a City Planner will be based out of the SWP office two days a week. The Committee should be thinking about how they would like to work with him and what we would like to engage with

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